Name Date Description
896K.ARJ 12-19-13 Information about DOS using 896k
899TRACK.ZIP 10-05-91 Music dir tracker: releases from 400+ compos
89AILLUS.ZOO 12-09-90 GIF89a features explained & demonstr. (good)
8AM.ARJ 12-19-13 Windows background screen.
8BALL.ZIP 09-23-90 Pools small game NO DOCS
8BALL123.ZIP 06-27-96 Win95 That 'Ol Black Magic 8 Ball is Back
8BALLWIN.ZIP 03-21-94 Magic 8 Ball for Windows. (Newest File Date: 03-21-94)
8BLCNPKT.ZIP 10-12-95 Nascar Replay for Darlington!
8IDEDRVS.ZIP 04-11-93 How to Run 8 Ide Hard Drives in One Machine.
8LINEV16.ZIP 05-13-96 8 Line Slots V1.6 - Online Slot Machine Game
8LOCO.ZIP 10-09-96 8 Loco
8MHZPC.ZIP 09-26-86 How to convert old 4.77 systems to 8 mhz...
8PDJ500B.ARJ 12-19-13 8PDJ500 will print 8 pages on a single A4 sheet. using a HP DeskJet 500
printer. Rev B
8PINM-T1.ZIP 01-09-94 8-PIN MATRIX - TYPE 1 FONT v1.1; This font II or PC-Compatible and an
Epson 8-Pin pretending to be dot-matrix outputs.
8PINM-TT.ZIP 01-09-94 8-PIN MATRIX - TRUE TYPE FONT Ver 1.1 This Apple II or PC-Compatible
and an Epson 8-Pin pretending to be dot-matrix outputs.
8PINM_TT.ZIP 01-09-94 8-PIN MATRIX - TRUE TYPE FONT Ver 1.1 This font looks very much like an
output from an Apple II or PC-Compatible and an Epson 8-Pin DotMatrix
printer. Great for some layouts pretending to be dot-matrix outputs.
Shareware $20. Upon registration, you will receive 50 more fonts,
including many other original fonts, +foreign (Japanese Kata & Hiragana
Russian, Slovak, Armenian, ancient Greek,Hebrew). (Newest File Date:
8PUZZLE.LZH 01-06-14 The old "Slide the numbered Tiles" game
8WIN3X.ZIP 06-10-92 Updated Drivers for Genoa 8000 Series Video Adapter for Windows 3.0/3.1
(Newest File Date: 06-10-92)
8WIN_GS.ZIP 04-24-95 8 Neat-o Windows Games.
8YOGA.ZIP 01-26-89 Eight Lectures on Yoga
8_BALL.ZIP 11-16-91 Needs Quickfli animation player and VGA.
900.ZIP 12-04-91 How To Setup Your Own 1-900 What It Costs
9000K.ZIP 01-21-94 SimCity 2000 city w/ 9,000,000 population
900FONE.ZIP 08-30-92 900MHz phone freqs: Panasonic 900MHZ Cordless Freqencies
900S1770.ZIP 01-07-95 900 SERVICE DOOR v1.7 - This software is written as redemption software
for Falken BBS and should be used with Tessier Technologies at (305)
473-5525, or True Media (TABS) at 800-755-8227. Menu driven with
complete configuration including fuz
900V23.ZIP 08-07-94 Auto-Credits/900 Door v2.3 - This software for Falken BBS allows you to
give credits to users when calling on a 900 or 976 phone line. Also,
optionally allows you to give credits to everyone on their first call
today, or to those people who
900_BOOK.ZIP 01-22-95 900# Manual - Make Money With 900#s and Internet
90C0031.ZIP 07-01-92 Paradise/WD SVGA 640x480x256/1024x768x16/1024x768x2
90C3031.ZIP 07-13-92 Win 31 Drivers 4 Cards, 90c30 Accel Chip
90SCOMPU.ARJ 12-19-13 Associated Press 11-08-89 on '90s computing
910123.ZIP 04-23-95 Ka9q Net Pe1chl Version. Supports Ftl Ul/d
911.ARJ 12-19-13 .MOD file - 911 joke
911HLP13.ZIP 04-23-95 911Help v1.3-- 911 Radio Dispatching program for PCs, by RAD Software
PO Box 1991 / Columbus, GA / 31902 A police radio dispatching program
that runs on personal computers, but with mainframe features! * Runs in
DOS, Windows, or OS/2! * Clever screen layout and use of color coding
provides "at a glance" awareness of all of your units'
911HLP20.ZIP 07-27-94 911help V2.0- 911 Radio Dispatching Program for Pcs, by Rad Software Po
Box 1991columbus, Ga31902 A Police Radio Dispatching Program That Runs
on Personal Computers, But With Mainframe Features! Runs in Dos,
911V12.ZIP 06-19-92 911 emergency first aid procedures v1.2
911V23.ZIP 04-21-93 911 Emergency First Aid Ver. 2.
914_BBS.ZIP 12-21-91 List of 914 BBS's in PCPLUS 2.0 format.
915_0195.ZIP 01-24-95 / / / 915 Online BBS List / / / / 01/95 [Revision 1.5] / / / A clear
listing of / / / El Paso, TX BBS's. / / / By Sean Dunbar
91_989.ZIP 09-17-91 Education policy telecommunications techn.
929_WARP.ZIP 08-14-95 New (8-17) V2b Drivers for the Mad16opti Sound Card.
92PASCOD.ZIP 09-15-93 A Ton of Pascal Source Code From 92 That is Too Good to Leave Off This
93BUDGET.ZIP 04-09-93 1993 United States Budget Released by Clinton
93CONG.ZIP 04-12-93 -=*> 1993 U. S. Congress <*=- Freeware Database of all members of the
Senate and the House of Representatives. Complete with phone numbers,
fax numbers and mailing addresses. Complements of: Russ Keener, Esq.
THE LAW OFFICE BBS Atlanta, Georgia 404-998-1226
93DORTCA.ZIP 01-21-95 Chs-ca 1993 Dortmund, Chess Assistant Format With Tree
93DORTPG.ZIP 01-21-95 Chs-pgn 1993 Dortmund, Pgn Format
93STATS.ZIP 10-06-93 Final Stats for 1993 Baseball Season. (Last Revised: 10/06/93)
93_305.ZIP 04-14-94 ARRL AD-HOC Committee final report on vanity callsign proposal. (HAM).
(Newest File Date: 04-14-94)
9401XX.ZIP 01-04-94 Zipped NASA files for Jan 1994. (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
9403XX.ZIP 03-30-94 Zipped NASA files for Mar 1994. (Newest File Date: 03-30-94)
9404XX.ZIP 04-09-94 Zipped NASA files for Apr 1994. (Newest File Date: 04-09-94)
9405XX.ZIP 04-23-95 Zipped NASA files for May 1994.
940SET.ZIP 04-23-95 Ts940/790 Computer Control Program
944.ARJ 12-19-13 Porche windows background screen.
94CANCA.ZIP 01-19-95 Chs-ca 1994 Canadian Championship, Chess Assistant With Tree
94CAN_PG.ZIP 01-28-95 Chs-pgn 1994 Canadian Championship, Pgn Format
94CFSCHT.ZIP 07-26-94 A Text File of the 1994 Ncaa College Football Schedule for all Division
1-a Teams. The Listing is by Team, Showing Home and Away Games.
94CONTST.ZIP 04-23-95 Listing Of 1994 Contests
94FTBALL.ZIP 02-17-95 The Football Guide is Perfect for People Who Love Nfl Football! Up to
99 Players can Compete in the Football Guide Office Pool! the Football
Guide Keeps Nfl Team Standings. The Football Guide Displays the Season
94HOUOBI.ZIP 04-23-95 Alphabetical Obituary Listing from Houston Chronicle by month for
January-June 1994. Listing includes name and publication date.
94HOU_OB.ZIP 04-23-95 Houston Chronicle obituary listings; July thru December 1994. Petra
94JAN216.ZIP 01-05-94 Cleveland 216 BBS List for Jan 94. (Newest File Date: 01-05-94)
94_GUIDE.ZIP 07-12-94 Channel 1 Exclusive! Order 500 Magazines From Rrs at the Best Prices!
Special Bonuses!
9508SWV.ZIP 09-25-95 Pc-epub Software Valley Update (Pdf) for Aug 1995. Need Acroread
95ANI11.ZIP 02-05-97 Animated Slots 95 V1.1 Windows 95-slot Machine Game A 3-wheel,
5-payline Slot Game With the Largest Slot Symbols You've Ever Seen.
Includes Fun Bonus Features. 256 Color Graphics and Realistic Sounds.
95BACKUP.ZIP 06-25-96 95 System Backup - Saves Important Win95 System Files to A Floppy Disk,
Network Drive or Local Hard Drive. It Saves Desktop Settings, all
32-bit Programs, Hardware and Software Settings, and User Information.
95BJPK44.ZIP 10-16-96 Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack 95 V4.4 Poker and Blackjack Games for
Windows 95. Great Sounds, Real Cards, and A Beautiful User Interface
Make This the Best Video Poker and Video Blackjack Simulation Available
95BOOTER.ZIP 06-18-95 95 Dual Booter By Fred Salerno This program allows you to select
which way to boot up Windows 95. By default, you are brought straight
into Windows, but with this utility you can choose. You have 3 options.
95BUDGET.ZIP 02-03-94 Slik Willy's 1995 Budget in all its glory. See where your money goes.
From FedWorld BBS. (Newest File Date: 02-03-94)
95CARD.ZIP 01-06-95 Flower Card V6.3 Totally Different Kind of Mahjongg/Card Game! Great
Sound & Grafix! Now Try This Popular Solitaire Game Which is Played by
150 Million Japanese, Korean, and Many Americans As Well. Very Easy to
95CBW15.ZIP 11-21-95 Colorado Backup for Windows 95 V1.50
95CBW170.ZIP 07-08-96 Colorado Back Up for Win 95 Ver 17
95CHRY44.ZIP 02-06-97 W32_game Cherry Delight Slots 95 4.4. Not Your Grandmother's Slot
Machine! Realistic Simulation of the New Breed of Video Slot Machines
95DEMO.ZIP 08-18-95 Demo From Microsoft for Win95. Requires Win3 Already Installed.
95DYNA41.ZIP 05-03-96 Double Dynamite Video Slots V4.1 A Slot Machine Game for Windows 95
This Isn't Your Grandmother's Slot Machine! This is A Nine Wheel Video
Slot Machine With 8 Pay Lines Also Has Bonus Spins, "Wild Card" Symbol
95DYNA44.ZIP 02-06-97 W32_game Double Dynamite Slots 95 4.4. Nine-wheel Slot Machine Game.
Has Eight Pay Lines on Which You can Bet Up to Eight Credits Each
95ESCAPE.ZIP 08-09-96 Great Animated Windows Game! Cool Sound Moraff's Escapade is A
Super-high- Quality Animated Arcade/Logic Game for Windows! You Run
Around Picking Up Pieces of the 30 Screens and Rearanging Them! Version
95EXTR12.ZIP 07-18-96 Win95 Extreme Slots 95 V12
95EXTR13.ZIP 02-06-97 W32_game Extreme Slots 95 1.3. A Collection of 3 Slot Machine Games:
Extreme, Break the Bank, and Stars and Stripes Slots
95HOUOBT.ZIP 04-23-95 Houston Chronical obits for Jan, Feb, Mar of 1995. Petra Wright.
95JACK12.ZIP 07-18-96 Win95 Jackpot Slots V1.2
95JACK13.ZIP 10-16-96 Jackpot Slots V1.3 (Windows 95) Windows 95 Slot Machine Game Three Slot
Machine Games in One (Jackpot Slots, Lucky 7 Slots and Treasure Chest
Slots). 256 Color Graphics and Funny Sounds. Beautiful Spinning
95JIGGL4.ZIP 08-08-96 Win95 A Full-screen Upside Down Jigsaw Puzzle Game - Moraff
95JIGGLE.ZIP 05-11-96 Moraff! Concentration-memory-jiggler! Win95 Moraff's Memory-jiggler is
an Exciting and Unique Combination of Jigsaw Puzzles and Concentration!
This is Better Than Jigsaw and Better Than Concentration! V40
95LOGO3.ZIP 01-28-97 Win95 Logo Organizer 3.0 is A Friendly Utility for Changing Win95 Logos
That Appear When Your Start and Close Windows 95. It Organizes Them in
Families Now Supports Drivespace. January 1997. Andrea Nagar
95LUCK44.ZIP 10-16-96 Lucky Stars Video Slots V4.4 A Slot Machine Game for Windows 95 This
Isn't Your Grandmother's Slot Machine! This is A Nine Wheel Video Slot
Machine With 8 Pay Lines. Also Has Bonus Spins, "Wild Card" Symbol
95MATC21.ZIP 09-21-96 Matchbox: Matchstick Puzzles From Nicetime Entertainment.
95MJONG3.ZIP 09-21-95 Moraffware Best 3d Mahjongg! Windows V3.0! Moraff's Morejongg is the
Finest Implementation Ever Made of the Ancient.
95MJONG5.ZIP 08-08-96 Win95 the Most Spectacular Mah Jong Game Ever! Moraffware
95MJONGG.EXE 09-28-95 Moraff's Mahjong for Windows 95. Quite an accomplishment from these
great game makers.
95MTRIS2.ZIP 08-10-96 Win95 Tetris With Bombs, Huge Annoyance Blocks - Moraffware
95OFFICE.ZIP 06-24-95 No Description Provided or FileId.Diz Included
95PARA12.ZIP 07-18-96 Win95 Paradise Slots V12
95PARA13.ZIP 10-16-96 Paradise Slots V1.3 Windows 95 Slot Machine Game Three Slot Machine
Games in One (Tropical Paradise, Ocean Blue and Jungle Drums Slots).
256 Color Graphics and Funny Sounds. Beautiful Spinning Animation.
95PROCON.ZIP 02-12-95 The (Highly Unofficial) Fidonet Os2prog C Compiler Pros and Cons List.
95RED_CA.ZIP 02-04-95 1995 Redcar Open England: Chess Assistant With Tree.
95RED_CB.ZIP 02-04-95 Chs-cb 1995 Redcar Open England: Chessbase
95RED_PG.ZIP 01-27-95 Chs-pgn 1995 Redcar Open England: Pgn Format
95REGFAQ.ZIP 08-11-95 Faq on Win95's Registry, Word 6 Doc Format.
95RIL_CA.ZIP 02-13-95 Chs-ca 1995 Rilton Cup, Chess Assistant With Tree
95RPI115.ZIP 01-15-96 Win95 Driver for Rpi Chipset Modems.
95RVBJ44.ZIP 10-16-96 Real Video Blackjack 95 V4.4 A Blackjack Game for Windows 95 the Most
Realistic Video Blackjack Game Available. Digitized Sounds, Beautiful
Card Designs (They Look Real), and Ease of Play Make This Game A Real
95RVP41.ZIP 05-23-96 Real Video Poker 95 V4.1 A Video Poker Game for Windows 95 Probably the
Most Realistic Video Poker Game Available. Digitized Sounds Beautiful
Card Designs (They Look Real), and Ease of Play Make This Game A Real
95RVP44.ZIP 10-16-96 Real Video Poker 95 V4.4 A Video Poker Game for Windows 95 Probably the
Most Realistic Video Poker Game Available. Digitized Sounds, Beautiful
Card Designs (They Look Real), and Ease of Play Make This Game A Real
95SJONG2.ZIP 10-01-95 For Win'95! Moraffware-spherical Mahjongg!-new 3d Marbles!-must Have!
95TRIV12.ZIP 07-18-96 Win95 Slots of Trivia 95 V12
95TRIV13.ZIP 10-16-96 Slots of Trivia 95 V1.3 A Windows 95 Slot Machine/Trivia Game It's Both
A Slot Machine Game and A Trivia Game. Answer Questions to Collect Your
Winning Spins. Also Has A Slot-only Mode. Great Graphics and Sounds
95UT_CL.ZIP 09-05-95 Cirrus Logic 543x Utils for Win95.
95VGW200.ZIP 02-22-97 Grade for Win95 V2.00 - Extremely Flexible Grading & Attendance Program
Plots, Statistics, Seating Charts, Numerous Printouts, Database Items,
Sections, Unlimited Students
95WAZ_CA.ZIP 02-13-95 Chs-ca 1995 Wijk Aan Zee, Chess Assistant With Tree
95WAZ_CB.ZIP 02-13-95 Chs-cb 1995 Wijk Aan Zee, Chessbase Format
95WAZ_NB.ZIP 02-13-95 Chs-nicb 1995 Wijk Aan Zee, Nicbase 3 Format
95WIZ11.ZIP 01-30-97 Wild Wizard Slots 95 V1.1 Windows 95-slot Machine Game A 3-wheel,
5-payline Slot Game With the Largest Slot Symbols You've Ever Seen.
Includes Fun Bonus Features. 256 Color Graphics and Realistic Sounds.
95XX20D1.ZIP 01-18-93 Os/2 2.0 Ga Disk #1 To Be Used With 95xx20in.Exe
95XX20IN.ZIP 01-18-93 Os/2 2.0 Ga Installation Disk Used With 95xx
9600MAN.ZIP 12-22-91 HAM - 9600 baud packet manual explaining the equipment and
modifications to certain rigs.
9600V42.ZIP 04-21-92 Cardinal External Modem RAM MDM for WILDCAT!
9600_12C.ZIP 01-19-91 Text file for the HST modems
9600_87L.ZIP 06-30-87 LIST OF BBSS RUNNING AT 9600 BPS 028A
9606TT.ZIP 07-02-96 Tiny Tafels From Genealogy Database
9608TT.ZIP 08-30-96 Genetxt Tiny Tafels From Genealogy Database
9609TT.ZIP 09-30-96 Genetxt Tiny Tafels From Genealogy Database
9610TT.ZIP 10-23-96 Genetxt Tiny Tafels Fromgenealogy Database
964133.ZIP 03-10-95 Latest Diamond Stealth64 Vram Drivers for Win.
964OS1.ZIP 08-19-94 Os/2 V2.1, Drivers Diamond Stealth 64 Vram Display Drivers V1.01, Disk
1. Sent to Execnet Via Ftp by Sean Michaels!
964OS2.ZIP 08-19-94 Os/2 V2.1, Drivers Diamond Stealth 64 Vram Display Drivers V1.01, Disk
2. Sent to Execnet Via Ftp by Sean Michaels!
964WNB.ZIP 01-16-95 Diamond Stealth 64 Updated Drivers.
96BB1001.ZIP 09-30-88 LIST OF 9600 BAUD BBS WORLDWIDE 028A
96CDAGC1.ZIP 07-18-93 96cdagc1 List of Over 1830 BBS in Canada That Run At 9600 Bps or Faster
Last Updated 18 July 1993.
96CDAHC1.ZIP 08-02-93 96CDAhc1 list of 1866 BBS's in Canada that are 9600+ bps o
96DB01.ZIP 03-29-92 Listing of over 5,000 BBS's at 9,600 bps+.
96DB0294.ZIP 02-01-94 02/01/94 - 9600 bps BBS List - .db format Comma delimited sequential
file with data on over 3,000 US BBS's supporting 9600 bps or faster,
sorted by Area Code.
96GLOBAL.ZIP 09-11-92 Global Access World Wide Telephone access
96LISTB2.ZIP 02-01-92 9600 bps BBS List ASCII,over 3,700 US+.
96LISTC4.ZIP 03-01-94 03/01/94 - 9600+ bps BBS List - ASCII BBS list of over 3,000 US BBS's
supporting 9600 bps or faster CONNECT rates, sorted by Area Code.
96LISTH4.ZIP 01-24-95 08/01/94 - 9600+ bps BBS List - ASCII BBS list with over 3,700 US BBS
phone numbers supporting 9600 bps or faster CONNECT rates, sorted by
Area Code.
96LISTJ2.ZIP 10-01-92 10/01/92 9600 bps BBS List ASCII ASCII
96LISTJ3.ZIP 10-01-93 10/01/93 - 9600+ bps BBS List - ASCII BBS list of over 3,0
96LISTK1.ZIP 11-01-91 A list of high speed BBSs nation wide
96MAN.ZIP 04-23-95 Packet Radio - 9600 Baud Manual -
96SNAP01.ZIP 01-28-96 '96 Election Snapshot #1 Newsletter
96SNAP16.ZIP 06-02-96 96 Election Snapshot #15 - Newsletter Clinton Whitewater Convictions
Damage Control Campaign, Whitewater Verdict Editorals Digest, House
Puts Off Travelgate Contempt Vote
96SNAP19.ZIP 07-07-96 96 Election Snapshot #19 - Newsletter. Dole Consults With Aides on
Potential Running Mates, Tobacco Funding of Democratic Campaigns,
Clinton Lead Over Dole Narrowing Amid Negative Reports, Supreme Court
Overturns Campaign
96SNAP20.ZIP 08-21-96 96 Election Snapshot #20 - Newsletter. Gop Covention, Dole's Rise in
the Polls, Clinton Defends Record on 60 Minutes, Chicago's Past
Conventions, Forbes Pledges to Promote Dole/Kemp Tax Cuts, Gop Abortion
Debate Reform
96UPDATE.ZIP 12-08-95 Roster Update - for Ea Sports Nhl96.
96_GUIDE.ZIP 12-20-95 Channel 1 Exclusive! Order From In-depth Selection of 600 Magazines at
Best Prices the Best Prices Anywhere Check it Out
96_MODEM.ZIP 04-14-90 A list of 9600 Bps Modems Nationwide
97_GUIDE.ZIP 02-07-97 1997 Official Magazine Guide V97.2 Text, No Lower Price Anywhere on
More Than 2000 Popular Magazine Titles Including Over 60
Computer/Gaming Magazines
99GA9N.ZIP 05-17-96 T-mail 2599g/Alpha-9 for Nt
99GA9O.ZIP 05-17-96 T-mail 2599g/Alpha-9 for Os/2
99V13.ZIP 07-16-93 99 Year Conquest:A Galactic Conquest Door Game
9DOOMWAD.ZIP 02-02-95 9 Doom II Wads, Featuring Both Deathmatch and Single Player Wads.
9DS210T.ZIP 07-11-92 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
9GXE64.ZIP 08-29-95 New #9gxe64 Hawkeye Drivers for Win-95 Taken From #9 Webb Site O Boy
They Work Great Enjoy!
9K203.ZIP 07-15-94 9k Version Control Update V2.Xx to V2.03
9LANDMAP.ZIP 04-01-89 Packet 9-land map
9LIVE121.ZIP 01-29-94 9 Lives (version 1.21) is a desktop expander. It makes many "virtual
desktops" available to the user, instead of the standard one, reducing
window clutter and allowing group organization. (Newest File Date:
9LIVES.ZIP 04-24-93 Give Multiple Desktops in Work Place Shell
9LIVES0B.ZIP 04-25-93 9 Lives v1.0b; Gives you multiple desktops in
9LIVES0D.ZIP 06-01-93 New Version of 9 Lives.
9LIVES12.ZIP 01-29-94 Os/2. Version 1.21. Allows the Use of Multiple Desktops Simultaneously
9OW103.ZIP 02-26-94 POW v1.03 Windows QWK reader. VBRUN300 reqd. POW is a "One QWK at a
time" OLR with the ability to save messages to Folders database.
Replies created with POW are automatically saved into a special folder
for this purpose. View Bulletins News NewFiles etc. inc ANSI. Add, Drop
Reset of maildoor confs supported. Context sensitive on-line help.
(Newest File Date: 02-26-94)
9POKWIN.ZIP 11-08-93 _Poke-It Poker! for Windows_ Las Vegas Video Poker! From the makers of
World Empire II, this immensely addictive game accur- ately simulates
the real thing thing. AND IT'S A LOT CHEAPER! Take my word for it. I've
lost on both! Note: UnZIPs to 700k (approx.) Needs VBRUN200.DLL. Viable
Software Alternatives (Newest File Date: 11-08-93)
9Q920411.ZIP 04-13-92 NOS 041192 release
9TERRORS.ZIP 01-15-97 Quake: - Welcome to the Terrors
9THCIRC.ZIP 09-16-94 9th Circut Court Rules
9VIAWIN.ZIP 11-24-93 _ViaPrint! for Windows_ . UPDATE! Version 1.5! THE all purpose printing
program for MS Windows. Use preset Avery label templates to print
custom Labels, Flyers, Business Cards, Audio and Video Cassette Labels
and more! Import and resize .BMPs and Metafiles! Drag and Drop design.
WYSIWYG format. Color capability and freestyle decorative boxes. Lots
of new features - try it! The registered version, ViaPrint Ultra,
allows printing from dBASE (Newest File Date: 11-24-93)