Name Date Description
PUTT141.ZIP 09-04-93 BBS Putt Putt (Door Game) v1.41; Take a break on this 9 ho
PUTT191.ZIP 04-17-95 BBS Putt Putt Door Game V1.91 Miniature Golf
PUTTIME.ZIP 03-14-93 PutTime 1.0 - PutTime is a command line program to put a date and
time stamp in a text file along with an option text description. This
can be used in batch files to record machine operation such as booting,
program runs, etc... By Mich
PUZ.ZIP 11-20-94 SUPER VGA PUZZLE 2.01 NEW! Mode X support for sharper images in
256 colors! Puzzle pictur es from around the world. Make them as
difficult as you like from 4 pieces to 2000. Registered users receive
additional programs and puzzle sets.
PUZ.ZIP 11-20-94 SUPER VGA PUZZLE 2.01 NEW! Mode X support for sharper images in
256 colors! Puzzle pictur es from around the world. Make them as
difficult as you like from 4 pieces to 2000. Registered users receive
additional programs and puzzle sets.
PUZLE20S.ZIP 09-26-95 A Game for Windows That is Similar to That Puzzle Game on the Mac
Except This Has A Timer and High Scores. The Registered Version Also
Includes A Neato Interface and Sound! Requires Vbrun300.Dll to Run.
PUZPAS1A.ZIP 05-25-96 Puzzling Passages Vol. 1 - Bible Helps. A Collection of Helpful
Commentary Notes on Difficult Bible Passages. Have You Ever Been
Puzzled by A Verse in the Bible That Did Not Quite Make Sense?
PUZSAV30.ZIP 01-24-97 Puzzled Window! 3.0 A Great Windows 3.X and 95 Compatible Screen Saver.
Copy Scr File to the Windows Directory. Select in Control Panel.
Freeware by Abstract Media! Source Code Available for -$15.00
PUZWIN.ZIP 08-30-95 Puzzlex for Windows - Helps Solve A Wide Range of Word-based Puzzles,
Including Incomplete Words, Anagrams, Multiple Word Anagrams and More
Using Its Own Comprehensive Lexicon of Words. You Simple Enter the Word
PUZXVG.ZIP 09-08-92 PUZSVG: SuperVGA Puzzle -- Version 1.03 -- Stunning images from around
the world in SuperVGA color! The ultimate puzzle game. Extremely
flexible -- choose any numbers of pieces from 4 to 2000! Hall of fame
for your best scores. Save puzzles,
PUZZ10.ARJ 12-19-13 Sliding Puzzle game for Windows 3.x.
PUZZLE.LZH 01-06-14 Sliding block puzle game for windows 3.0
PUZZLE.ZIP 07-07-94 Math and Word Puzzles - 50 Vga Graphic Math and Word Puzzles for the Pc
PUZZLE12.ARJ 12-19-13 Slide-Puzzle Uses .BMP's Of Your Choice
PUZZLE20.ZIP 01-28-94 Stunning images from around the world in SuperVGA color! The ultimate
puzzle game. Extremely flexible -- choose any numbers of pieces from 4
to 2000! Hall of fame for your best scores. Save puzzles, solution
hints, simple mouse interface, and much more! Designed to use all major
SVGA boards but also will work on VGA All puzzles use original
PUZZLE3.ZIP 04-05-94 Internet Puzzles - Series of Puzzles From the Rec.Puzzle Group. This
Set Contains Problems and Solutions for Decisions, Geometry, Induction
and Language.
PUZZLE4.ZIP 04-05-94 Internet Puzzles - Series of Puzzles From the Rec.Puzzle Group. This
Set Contains Problems and Solutions for Logic, Physics, Probability,
Real-life and Trivia.
PUZZLE93.ZIP 06-20-93 Frome Team 200, Iceland. Jigsaw Puzzle 93
PUZZLERS.ZIP 02-25-91 Set of very tough sliding puzzles, great, EGA
PUZ_WRTH.ZIP 12-16-93 Wreath Made From Old Jig-saw Puzzle Instructions
PV!43.ARJ 12-19-13 Prize Vault! v4.3 -- Crack the vault and win the prize!
PV.ZIP 03-05-93 Proview is a Menu Driven Program Used to Analyze, View and Edit the
Basic Components of a System, Including the System Memory, System
Interrupts, Device Drivers, and Installed Disk Drive Sectors and File
PV050DAT.ZIP 09-08-91 Persistence Of Vision v0.50 RAY TRACER. 1/3
PV050DOC.ZIP 09-08-91 Persistence Of Vision v0.50 RAY TRACER. 2/3
PV050IBM.ZIP 09-08-91 Persistence Of Vision v0.50 RAY TRACER. 3/3
PV105.ZIP 08-15-95 Rar-util Pv 1.05: Archive File Viewer Os/2 32 Bit Version Lists Archive
Contents. Freeware
PV12.ZIP 03-05-93 View v1.2 - Disk & memory browser/editor
PV138.ZIP 07-13-91 PicView GIF/RIX/MAC Graphics Picture Viewer
PV3DEMO.ZIP 07-15-96 Performance Plus V3 - A Tuning & Utility Kit for Os/2 Warp & 2.X -
Demonstration Copy
PV3DV1.ZIP 04-17-93 PV3D modeler V1.00 for POVRAY 1.0 Graphics interface (GUI) with mouse.
Include : 3D animation function 3D visualisation with camera / look_at
Vectoriel object structure. POV primitive support, Blob structure
Dynamic Rotate Move Scale (R-M-S)
PV3DV100.ZIP 04-04-93 Pv3d Modeler V1.00 for Povray 1.0 Graphics Interface (Gui) With Mouse.
Include : 3d Animation Function 3d Visualisation With Camera / Look_at
Vectoriel Object Structure. Pov Primitive Support, Blob Structure
PVALIDAT.ZIP 01-05-91 Portable VALIDATE; file authentication v1.0 (C)
PVBETA.ZIP 08-30-97 Poly View the Most Popular Graphics Editor/Viewer/Converter
PVCS10A.ZIP 10-27-92 PhoneVu 1.0a contains some fixes to the support libraries that should
prevent the program from unloading unexpectedly--a few users have
encountered this when using the search facilities.
PVCWIN43.ZIP 02-14-95 Povcad V4.3 for Windows. Works With Pov-ray and Also Polyray Ray
Tracers. Render From Within the Program.
PVCWN401.ZIP 12-04-94 Povcad Version 4.01 for Windows is A 3-d Modeler and Ray Tracing Scene
File Utility.
PVD105.ZIP 08-15-95 Rar-util Pv 1.05: Archive File Viewer DOS 16 Bit Version Lists Archive
Contents. Freeware
PVDAT.ZIP 09-08-91 Vision RayTracer v.05b, Superb Graphics. 1/4
PVDOC.ZIP 09-08-91 Vision RayTracer v.05b, Superb Graphics. 2/4
PVGA.ZIP 01-04-93 Paradise Vga, Vga Pro, Super Vga, Source.
PVIBM.ZIP 09-08-91 Vision RayTracer v.05b, Superb Graphics. 3/4
PVIEW.ZIP 09-16-94 Point of View: European Law Enforcement after '92
PVIEW10.ZIP 06-28-93 PicView v1.0: MS-Windows icon, metafile, bitmap viewer; req VBRUN200
.DLL; 06/28/93; Patrick R. Rygiel. (Newest File Date: 06-28-93)
PVIEW11.ZIP 08-18-94 Frontier Enterprises - Proview V1.1 Proview for Tbbs/Tdbs: Provides an
Advanced Interface for Online Text Databases. The Viewer Allows Users
to Browse Text Files, Scrolling Both Backward and Forward. Proview
PVIEW130.ZIP 07-08-92 Picture Viewer v1.3; ANSI screen viewer program to display
PVL316.ZIP 03-26-93 Plain Vanilla Labels v3.16 - label printer
PVLAB316.ZIP 12-29-13 PLAIN VANILLA LABELS V 3.16 An easy-to-use label program with
many advanced features such as indexing anywhere on any line of each
label, fast searching, easy data entry, import & export, macros. Can
also be used as a simple database program.
PVLAB402.ZIP 11-05-95 P Ad-bus Plain Vanilla Labels V4.02 - Easy-to-use Label Maker and Label
Database. Prints 1, 2, and 3 Across Labels on Any Printer
PVM34B3.ZIP 08-11-97 Parallel Virtual Machine V.3.4.Beta3 is for Distributing Processing
Tasks Among Different Computers
PVMDLR10.ZIP 04-01-93 Pv-modeller Generates Freeform Bodies of Revolution From an X-y Profile
That the User Draws With a Mouse. the Very Simplest Examples Are a
Sphere, a Torus, or a Helix.
PVP110.ZIP 08-04-95 Photovision 1.1 for Windows. Photo and Image Manipulation, Conversion,
Compression, Draw, Slideshow, Scan, and Screen Capture. Handles all
Bitmap Image Formats, and Most Vector Formats. Over 50 Special Effects
PVPW.ZIP 03-24-94 Pw and Pv Are Utilities That Will Play Wav & Voc Files Directly From
DOS Thru Your Sound Blaster or Compatible, and Will Do it Without Any
Extra Drivers or Tsrs; 03/24/94; Cybernauts Games.
PVQUAN13.ZIP 12-02-91 Convert image files (raytraced) for display or gif
PVRHA.ZIP 09-12-91 Vision RayTracer v.05b, Superb Graphics. 4/4
PVS_1.ZIP 01-03-91 A collection of Ansi Art
PVTAG22.ZIP 08-03-95 Pvtag V2.1: This Program is for all You Offline Mail Readers Whose Mail
Reader Doesn't Support Multiple Taglines. As Long As Your Reader
Supports an External Editor You're Set. This Prg is Freeware! Enjoy!
Cool Features!
PVTHR304.ARJ 12-19-13 Private Hours for RA 1.xx in FD 2.xx environment
PVTREE12.ZIP 12-16-93 Pvtree V1.2 - Show and Print Any Disk Tree Structure
PVTS113.ZIP 09-25-95 Private Secretary V1.13: Monitors Your Phone/ Answering Machine Via Std
Modem Then Dials Your Pager or Another Phone to Notify You of Calls
Received, Remind You of Appointments Report Power Fail, Etc
PVU3210.ZIP 12-17-96 Picaview 32 V1.0 Image Viewer Add-on For Explorer. Works With Windows
95 or Windows Nt. Supports: Bmp, Gif, Jpeg, Photo-cd, Pcx Ping, Targa,
Tiff. Rapid Image Decoding Quick Image Thumbnail Preview. Incremental
PVUPDATE.ZIP 06-15-93 Protogen update for ver. 2.2. (Newest File Date: 06-15-93)
PVUPV210.ZIP 04-10-94 Pv3d Modeler Update File V2.10 This File use the Pv3dv200.Zip File
Modeler for Povray 2.0 and Vivid 2.00 Graphics Interface (Gui) With
Mouse. Include : 3d Animation Function 3d Visualisation With Camera
PVW_SP.ZIP 07-11-93 Windows Screen Painter Written in Clipper 5.1.
PV_45.ZIP 10-11-93 Prize Vault! Door v4.5; Crack the VAULT and and win the pr
PV_VI109.ARC 02-23-89 VI editor (Berkeley UNIX subset)
PW10.ZIP 11-11-91 Programmers Workshop: Win 3. Great templates
PW100.ZIP 05-10-93 Maintenance Upgrade for Procomm Plus/WINDOWS. Upgrades V1.00 Only to V1
02. Unzip, Copy Pw100.Exe to Your Prowin Directry, Execute It, Then Run
Upgrade. From Datastorm BBS. (Newest File Date: 05-10-93)
PW102.ZIP 05-14-93 Upgrade Procomm for Windows 1.01 to 1.02.
PW211.ZIP 02-17-95 Patch PROCOMM PLUS for Windows v2.0 to v2.11
PW2MDM.ZIP 07-29-94 Prowin V2.0 Wmodem.Dat Modem Update Dated 7/.
PW3230B2.ZIP 11-01-96 Powwow32 V3.0b2 - the Internet Personal Communicator and Conferencer.
Allows Up to 7 People to Chat by Keyboard & Voice, and Up to 75 (New)
People Participate in Conferences. New in This Release: Improved Voice
PW32I307.ZIP 08-27-97 Perl for Windows - Learn to write Perlscript and program in Perl the
easy way!
PW52.ZIP 01-08-94 PASSWORD is a password protection program disguised as a normal looking
but phony C> prompt. Has many features to control the appearance and
behavior of the program.
PW63.ARJ 12-19-13 Simple bootup password program v6.3 supports optional logging,
Ctrl-Alt-Del disable,
PWA-IRC1.ZIP 01-31-96 IA-IRC 3.5 Beta [1/2]
PWA-IRC2.ZIP 01-31-96 IA-IRC 3.5 Beta [2/2] A Group That Gives Slightly Less Than A Fuck.
-XeN - ---[MST] MASTER COURiERiNG 1996! [MST]--- -
PWABFV20.ZIP 02-19-95 [ FileView PPE v2.0 ] This is a fantastic file viewer PPE that totally
eclipses all other file viewers! Extremely fast, highly configurable,
and has complete lightbar and hotkey support. Once again, this PPE was
brought to you by PWA and wri
PWABQT10.ZIP 02-19-95 [ Quoter PPE v1.0 by BlackCat /\ PWA ] PCBoard message quoter which
uses pplc 3.0 for easier and seamless integration. A nice addition for
sysops using Nets to brighten up your quotes.
PWABWM10.ZIP 02-19-95 [ WMTop PPE v1.00 by BlackCat /\ PWA ] A PCB 15.2+ PPE : Weekly and
Monthly top uploaders/downloaders bulletin creator (bytes & files).
Uses a database instead of reading logfiles or adding a TPA. The
bulletins are constantly updated quickl
PWADR210.ZIP 02-28-95 Pwadder2 V1.0 Best Pwad Player for Doom 2 Manages 160 Pwads. Saves 160
Different Games Plays Demos, Skill Level, Delete, Read Text, Auto
Detect & Warp to Correct Map. Requires 8 Meg of Ram & A Mouse. Works on
Doom2 Only.
PWADTC01.ZIP 02-19-95 [ Download.TXT Cleaner v0.1b by Drew ] PCBoard 15.x utility (.exe) that
cleans, shrinks, and keeps that download.txt bad boy under control.
Configurable options include removing entries of non-existent files,
.QWK xfers, message captures, an
PWAECS10.ZIP 10-08-95 Enh. Caller Log Shrinker V1.0 -pwa- A Speedy Util to Keep Those Callerx
Logs Trimmed Down to Size! Runs Much Faster Than Logtame or Any Other
Similar Util. Written by Timecop
PWAEF21.ZIP 02-19-95 [ Enhanced Flag v2.1 by Drew / PWA ] Get rid of that ancient FLAG.PPE!
Use those up and down arrows to flag your files -- OBV/2 and V/2
style. EFLAG.PPE is totally lightbar and hotkey driven. Version 2.1
has some minor bug fixes and
PWAFM94C.ZIP 06-29-94 Pwa Pcbfourm V.94c by Straight Jacket Forum Menu Interface With True
Forum Style Message Base. Compilation of the Most Popular Forum
Program's Commands and Features. A Must for all Forum Addicts Who Want
the Pcb Configurab
PWASS02.ZIP 08-30-94 System Statistics V0.2 by Drew Pwa.
PWBROW12.ZIP 01-27-94 Windows Magazine Version Browser extracts version/compilation info from
Windows file. (Newest File Date: 01-27-94)
PWBROWSE.ZIP 11-15-93 Winmag's Freeware Version Browser V1.0 Checks for Version Info Inside
Windows Files
PWD.ZOO 08-21-90 MSDOS analogue to the UN*X pwd (w C)
PWD100.ZIP 03-07-94 4password V1.00. 4dos File/Directory Security Utility That Attempts to
Add Novell Dos's Password Feature to Ms-dos by Using 4dos.
PWD911.ZIP 12-12-94 Password 911 Permits the Workgroup Managers to Change Passwords &
Unlock Accounts With Very Restricted Access Rights. Very Easy to use
and Most Flexible for Your Needs. Dinosoft Inc.
PWEESK.ARJ 12-19-13 Fun mode with SC1 & SEE. Fly first Solo.
PWF11.ZIP 03-09-94 Pgp Windows Frontend for Using Pgp Under DOS Windows.
PWF20.ZIP 01-19-94 Pretty Good Privacy for windows. (Newest File Date: 01-19-94)
PWFAX.ZIP 08-15-92 Disable/Enable WinFaxPro When Start/End ProWin
PWFLC172.ZIP 02-26-97 Powerflic V1.72 32bit for Windows 95 Asm32 Optimized, Scripting Flc/Fli
Player Cotrast Brightness Support
PWG_KEY.ZIP 12-06-95 Password Generation Kit Vs1.2 - the Absolute Best Password Generation
Tutorial. Create Upper, Lower and Mixed Pass- Words. Learn to Develop
On-line Registration. Distribute Registrations On-line
PWHINT8.ZIP 05-23-93 Hints/Tips for Pacific War 1992/3 Ssi Wwii.
PWHOSTB.ZIP 06-11-93 New Procomm for Windows Host mode script files allow user to shell to
DOS. Fixes problem in PWHOST that caused computer to lock when opening
DOS window. (Newest File Date: 06-11-93)
PWI211.ZIP 02-17-95 Patch PROCOMM PLUS for Windows IE 2.10 to 2.11
PWIND2.ZIP 06-09-96 Btuplus for Windows. (2/3)
PWK4009.ZIP 08-05-96 Pathwalker V4.009 - Win Creates File & Directory Listings. View, Save,
and Print Listings. Saved Listings can be Used With Word Processor or
Spreadsheet Applications
PWL50X.ARJ 12-19-13 ProWindows(tm) LITE v5.00: professional windows management LIBrary for
PWL50X.ZIP 03-10-92 Provides BASIC programmers with an "event driven" windowing user
interface toolbox.
PWL521Q.ZIP 05-06-93 PROWINDOWS(TM) LITE FOR QUICKBASIC - V 5.21 Create multiple full color
text-based virtual pop-up windows that can be manipulated by a
graphical mouse and/or keyboard control. Event-driven architecture
allows for self-maintaining user interfaces. Includes .LIBs, docs, &
demos. For QuickBASIC 4.5.
PWL521X.ZIP 05-06-93 PROWINDOWS(TM) LITE FOR BASIC PDS 7.1 - V 5. Create multiple full color
text-based virtual pop-up windows that can be manipulated by a
graphical mouse and/or keyboard control. Event-driven architecture
allows for self-maintaining user interfaces. Includes .LIBs, docs, &
demos. For MS BASIC PDS 7.
PWMGR10.ZIP 09-19-95 V1.0) Pwmgr - Userid/Password Manager Program to Store/Manage
Userid/Password Information for Multiple Systems. Stores Data in an
Encrypted Format. Shareware (Us $10) Inet: Ericb@csn.Orgcis
PWMODEM.ZIP 06-30-93 Latest WMODEMS.DAT for Procomm for Windows, from Datastorm. If you
couldn't find your modem on the pick list when you got Procomm for
Windows, you will probably find it here. This file is MUCH larger than
the original. (Newest File Date: 06-17-93)
PWNCS101.ZIP 12-18-92 Pwncsi.Dlc V1.01: Dynamic Link Connection Module That Allows Procomm
Plus for Windows to Operate in Conjunction With Programs Such as
Asynchronous Communications Servers (Acs) That Support the Ncsi/Nasi
Api; You Can Access a Shared Pool of Modems & Communications Devices as
if They Were Attached to Your Local PC. Datastorm Technologies, Inc.
(Newest File Date: 12-18-92)
PWOIT.ARJ 12-19-13 Ren and stimpy voc file.
PWORD191.ZIP 02-19-93 ProWords 1.91- Fast action word game. Users attempt to cre
PWORD1A.ZIP 09-11-94 Compiles Words From Phone Numbers.This Handy Program Will Display Over
2,100different Letter Combinations From Any Sevendigit Telephone Number
In Registered Modethe User Has the Option of Printing
PWORD25.ARJ 12-19-13 PWORD v2.5 elegant password foe your hard drive. Mouse support. (3-1-92
PWORD251.ZIP 09-12-93 Pword V2.515 From Vbarnet Software. Compiled on 09/12/93. by : Barry
Davis Menu Driven Password Maint Program. Mouse Compatible. Password
Protect Your Hard Drive! the Most Elite in Pw Program. Pull Down Menu.
PWORDS18.ZIP 08-04-94 Power Words, Version 1.8 Over 5000 Incisive and Humorous Quotes,
Aphorisms, Witticisms and Quips by by an Author in Australia.
PWPH2.ZIP 01-22-94 PRO WRESTLING PROMOTER vH.2 - 256 color images on VGA. (Newest File
Date: 01-07-94)
PWPL165.ZIP 03-22-92 waffle.pl - The WAFFLE package for perl
PWPLUS11.ZIP 06-21-92 Password Plus v1.1. Protect your PC utils
PWR14K.ARJ 12-19-13 PowerBatch v1.4K: utility that creates standalone (.EXE) compiled batch
PWRBAR.ZIP 10-26-92 PowerBar/Write v 3--buttonbar utility for Windows Write. Button for
most menu functions and then some: File Find, Auto Save, clock, floats
on top, ANSI menus, time/date stamps, app runners, exit Win, much more.
Shareware $ (Newest File Date: 10-26-92)
PWRBAT.ZIP 05-27-91 PowerBatch Compiler for batch file "type" cmd
PWRBAT14.LZH 01-06-14 Adds 35 extra batch commands also
PWRBAT21.ZIP 05-12-94 POWERBATCH V2.1 A high level compiler which creates standalone
.EXE programs. Great tool for replacing DOS batch files. All the
functions of a .BAT file plus 80 additional commands. If you can write
a .BAT file, you can create a sophisticated, fast replacement
PWRBAT22.ZIP 05-18-94 Powerbatch V2.1 A High-level Command Compiler Which Creates Standalone
Exe Programs. Great Tool for Replacing DOS Batch Files. All the
Functions of A .Bat File Plus 65 Additional Commands.
PWRBAT23.ZIP 05-09-96 Powerbatch V2.3 A High-level Command Compiler Which Creates Standalone
Exe Programs. Great Tool for Replacing DOS Batch Files. All the
Functions of A .Bat File Plus 80 Additional Commands
PWRBT14E.LZH 01-06-14 Compile into EXE batch like commands
PWRBT14E.LZH 01-06-14 Compile into EXE batch like commands
PWRCAD15.ZIP 02-03-95 Powercad V1.5. Powerful, Intelligent Cad Software to Draw Schematics of
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Control and Electrical Circuit.
PWRCHUT.EXE 10-23-95 APC Powerchute setup for Windows 95.
PWRDREAM.ZIP 12-19-96 Powerdream (V2.01) for Win95, A Highly Configurable Shell Productivity
PWRED202.ZIP 07-01-95 Power Edit Network Text Editor V2.02 File Encryption, Email,
Spellchecking Powerful File Preparation and Transfer for Wfw 3.11 or
Stand Alone Word Processor. View Incoming Mail From the Network, Full
Edit and Reply.
PWRESL.ZIP 10-29-94 Magazine's Resource Probe. A Freeware Utility to Monitor Windows' use
of System Resources. Featured in 1/95 Issue.
PWRESL15.ZIP 05-23-95 Newly Updated Winmag Resource Probe Version 1.5 As Featured in the 6/28
Issue. Shows You What's Using Conventional Memory When You Are Running
PWRGIF12.ZIP 12-31-92 Power*GIF, Generates GIF preview files for PowerBBS systems. Users can
select up to nine individual GIFs to be included in the preview file.
Includes link to List and Search files and consideration for limited
access GIFs. FREEWARE program fr
PWRITE10.ZIP 08-23-95 Page Write! V1.0 - A Windows Program Which Allows You to Send Text
Messages to an Alphanumeric Pager. Stores Up to 10 Commonly Used Pager
PWRITE20.ZIP 01-18-96 Page Write! V2.0 - A Windows Program Which Allows You to Send Text
Messages to an Alphanumeric Pager. Store Up to 100 Pager Numbers. Group
Paging. Page Logging. Predefined Messages
PWRLST37.ZIP 02-27-93 Power List - A utility allowing a user to create his own personal files
list based on interests. Why download complete file list? Choose
directories that are of interest. You can also scan for files by date
or scan for text. Supports non-stan
PWRLST41.ZIP 04-13-93 Power List - a Utility Allowing a User to Create His Own Personal Files
List Based on Interests. Why Download Complete File List? Choose
Directories That Are of Interest. You Can Also Scan for Files by Date
PWRM154.ZIP 04-18-95 Battery Minder for Windows 3.1, for use on Your Notebook Computer. D59.
PWRMN531.ARJ 12-19-13 PowerMenu v5.31 from Brownbag - Menuing System for all your programs
and utilities.
PWRPAK.ZIP 05-24-94 Info on Borland Powerpack for Dos. A Complete Suite of DOS Development
Tools and Libraries Designed to Work With Borland C 4.0.
PWRPGP32.ZIP 06-06-96 Powerpgp 1.34.95 Windows95 Pgp Shell for the DOS Pgp Program Designed
to Make it Possible to Encrypt & Decrypt Email With Any Windows Based
E-mail Program. Including Power Access for Powerbbs
PWRPLT15.ZIP 04-14-95 Wad File for Doom (I or II?).
PWRSCSI4.ZIP 05-26-95 Powerscsi! for Dos/Windows/Netware 386 is A Total Scsi Solution for
Future Domain's Line of Controllers and Integrated Circuits (Ic).
PWRSCSI_.ZIP 03-30-93 Powerscsi From Future Domain's Bbs
PWRSNP22.ZIP 02-10-94 Powersnap V2.2a - Snap and Paste Anywhere Using the Mouse.
PWRSTRIP.ZIP 02-14-93 Power Strip, Icon-Bar Program Launcher. (Newest File Date: 02-14-93)
PWRTOY.ZIP 10-09-95 Update to Microsoft's Powertoys for Win95. Downloaded 10/9/95 From Ms's
Web Site. Dunleavy.
PWRWDS17.ZIP 02-02-94 Power Words V1.7 Contains Over Five Thousand of the Most Incisive and
Humorous Quotes, Aphorisms, Witticisms and Quips.
PWR_ON20.ARJ 12-19-13 Power_on manager v2.0 boot utility that automates routine maintenance
PWS10A.ZIP 11-17-96 Microsoft Personal Web Server for Win 95
PWSANSI.ZIP 05-31-93 A wide assortment of collector edition ANSI art files.
PWSNET7A.ZIP 04-30-94 1-misc Pwsnet 7.0a Shopping Network With 250,700 Products all at About
50 Off.
PWTOY10.ZIP 09-28-95 These Enhancements Were Developed by Members of the Microsoft Win95
Team, and Are Now Being Made Available to Win95 Users at No Cost. Note:
These Are Not Part of Any Shipping Retail Product at This Point in Time
PWTRKR10.ZIP 08-10-96 W32_util Password Tracker - Version 10
PWWINFIX.ZIP 03-31-92 Power Windows Fix File - System Patch Kit
PWWORD25.ZIP 03-01-92 PWORD v2.5 from AMVETSNET SOFTWARE. Compiled at 03:30 on 03/01/92. Menu
driven Password Maint program. Mouse compatible. Password protect your
Hard Drive! The Most Elite in PW program. Pull Down Menu.
PWWS102B.ZIP 01-15-97 Fwcomm Planetwide V1.02b Http/1.0 Web Server
PWWS10B.ZIP 01-07-97 Planetwide V1.0b Http/1.0 Web Server for Os/2 Developed by Third Planet
Software Creations Configurable Maximum Number of Connections Complete
Logging of all Incoming Connections Including 3 of Threads in use at
the Time
PWXMS.ZIP 01-04-93 Source to Interface With Himem.Sys / Ems.
PWZMOD11.ZIP 05-21-93 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 PWZMOD VER. 1.1 A BATCH UL
塒様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様 Build batch uploads in PC+/Win
quickly and easily. Use a "smart" directory pick list to navigate your
drive. Made for DSZ(tm), but use whatever you want! ONLY $10 FOR SOURCE
PX1.ZIP 07-03-96 Program X Fringe Science Research, Analysis & Database Program
PX11TD.ZIP 10-20-95 Frontend for Wildcat! This is A Test Drive Version of the Most Powerful
Integrated Fido Frontend Package Designed Specifically for Wildcat 4.X!
Join Fidonet Easily! Setup Private Networks of Wildcat Systems
PXDB1D.ZIP 07-04-93 Prefix Database - Specialized Database.
PXDOS21A.ARJ 12-19-13 POLYARC, Un-compress everything v2.1A
PXDOS21A.ZIP 12-29-13 POLYARC, Un-compress everything v2.1A
PXDOS_20.ZIP 04-09-90 Multi-format archive extractor for BBS mailers
PXENG.ZIP 12-31-91 Norton Guide for Borland's Paradox engine v2.0
PXSC.ARJ 12-19-13 PASCAL--XSC is a new programming lang. with emphasis on
Scientific/Engineering. Compiler.
PXSRC21A.ARJ 12-19-13 POLYARC, Un-compress everything v2.1A, src
PXSRC_21.ARJ 12-19-13 Source Code To PolyARC Compression Utility
PXWIN.ZIP 04-05-93 Bug Release Update for Paradox Engine for Windows, Version 3.01.
Includes Pxengwin.Dll and Pxengwin.Lib.
PYFF201E.ZIP 07-15-93 Payoff! V2.01e: Ms-windows App That Providesyou With a Complete Loan
Payoff Strategy;works W/Regular, Credit Card and Zero Percentloans;
"What If" Capable. Reqs Vbrun200.Dll 10-21-92..09-20-93
PYHSL10.ZIP 04-12-92 PYHSL = TAG <> HS/Link protocol interface
PYHSL14.ZIP 07-27-93 HS\Link door for T.A.G. BBS ! - Great
PYLE.ZIP 05-24-88 Params for specific PYLE speakers
PYR13.ZIP 07-25-93 Pyramid 1.3 by Philip Bush. An interesting version of solitaire for
Windows. You must pair cards whose value totals 13 to remove them from
the pyramid display. Requires VBRUN300. SHAREWARE: $5. (Newest File
Date: 07-25-93)
PYR13_20.ZIP 04-29-95 Pyramid 13, Tut's Treasure V2.0 BBS Door Game From Tijasoft.
PYRAMD11.ZIP 07-26-93 Pyramid V1.1: Solitaire Card Game W/Highresolution Ega Graphics, Full
Mouse Support, and a Sleek, Easy to Use Interface;
PYRAMID.ARJ 12-19-13 $100,000 Pyramid Arcade Game
PYRAMID1.ARJ 12-19-13 Pyramid Guppies Door by Mike Wilson.
PYRD100.ZIP 09-05-95 Pyramid Deluxe Solitaire V1.00. This is A Supervga Version of the
Classic Solitaire Card Game, Featuring 640x480x256 Graphics Hint Mode,
Undo, Demo Mode, and Full Scoring Statistics for Up to Ten Players.
Requires 386
PYRD101.ZIP 08-14-96 Win Pyramid Deluxe Solitaire V1.01. This is A
PYRD102.ZIP 09-28-96 Pyramid Deluxe Solitaire V1.02. This is A Supervga Version of the
Classic Solitaire Supervga Version of the Classic Solitaire
PYRMID11.ARJ 12-19-13 Pyramid Solitary V 1.1.
PYRMID33.ZIP 04-04-93 Pyramid V3.3 Computer Profiles Play a High-low Game of Cards
PYRMID34.ZIP 07-12-93 Pyramid v3.4; Play a High-Low game of cards. Users race ea