Name Date Description
3DBARS.ZIP 09-18-92 AMI Pro Macro to do 3D Bar Charts
3DBAS03.ZIP 08-01-89 BASICA pgm plots z=f(x,y) in three dimensions
3DBB.ZIP 03-25-86 3d black board--basic cad with source
3DBMP800.ZIP 09-30-94 3d Stereogram Bitmap Scanned From the Oct 3/94 Issue of Time Magazine.
800x600x256 3d Effect is Easily Observable From Your Computer Screen
(That Is, If You Know How to Look at These Things Already.
3DBUTTN.ZIP 05-10-91 3-D Butt In For Windows Last Revision Date In Archive: 05-10-1991
3DBUTTON.ZIP 07-28-90 3 Dimensional buttons for Toolbook
3DCAL.ZIP 05-14-93 Pop-up calendar for MS-Win. (Newest File Date: 05-14-93)
3DCHEETS.ZIP 12-03-95 Cheat the Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Rise of the Triad
3DCPLOGO.ZIP 01-05-94 3d Animated Contact Plus Logo. (Newest File Date: 01-05-94)
3DCRIB20.ZIP 07-01-95 3d-cribbage 2.0, Now With Mouse Support. 3d-cribbage is A Full Featured
Cribbage Card Game With Great Graphics for Dos. Not Only Will it Score
Your Hands for You, But it Will Actually Move the Pegs for You Too.
3DCTRL.ZIP 01-08-93 Using CTL3D.DLL from Excel to apply 3D effects
3DDEMO.ZIP 01-14-87 Really good 3d object rotation demo
3DDRAW.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD 3-d Drawings version 11.
3DDUDES.ZIP 02-19-97 Action 3d Virtual Fighting Game;you can Personalize Your Dude
3DDUKE13.ZIP 04-24-96 DUKE NUKEM 3D v1.3d - Shareware - --- by 3D Realms Entertainment ---
"It makes every PC game we've seen, DOOM included, look dull. Honestly
!" PC Gamer. Duke blows away everything you know about 3D action games.
Blow thru walls, jetpack over
3DF.ARJ 12-19-13 Plots any function of the form F(x,y) as an orthographic projection
that can rotated in real
3DF.ZIP 04-21-91 3D func. plot displays F(x,y) ortho proj,w/src
3DF.ZOO 04-21-91 Terrain models manipulation util
3DFAX.ZIP 04-05-95 Iti's 3d Fax. This Package You Speed Up and Enhance Your Current Fax
Software. Decompress With Pkunzip D 3dfax.Zip.
3DFOX.ZIP 06-01-93 Sample Foxpro Code Files for Use With Foxpro for Windows and Genscrnx
.Prg. Genscrnx.Prg is Compatible With All Versions of Foxpro 2.X. 3d
Boxes and Effects
3DFUN10.ZIP 03-30-95 3d Fun & Magic Stereogram Generator, V1.0: Creates Beautiful Color
Stereographic Images in Seconds. Produces 'Wallpaper' Type Stereograms
That Emerge Smoothly From the Screen. User Has Full Control of Image
Shape & type
3DGCUR13.ZIP 04-21-97 3d Green Animated Cursors Version 1.3 A Collection of Green Animated
Cursors for Windows 95 or Nt. Freeware Copyright 1997 by W. J. Harnden,
Jr. Email Joeslinks@geocities.Com
3DGPL.ZIP 12-10-96 3DGPL 3D graphics tutorial for game programmers. 3D transformations
clipping rasterization shading & texture rendering.Example source of an
extremely portable 3D base library for MSDOS MSWINDOWS X11 & NeXTStep
3DGPL10.ZIP 06-22-95 3dgpl V1.0: Graphics Base Library & Tutorial for Game Programmers;
Contains Info on DOS 16/32 Bit, Ms-windows 16/32 Bit, X11, and Nextstep
Hardware Interfaces, 3d Transformations, Clipping & Rasterization, &
3DGRAFII.ZIP 12-12-92 Quick Basic 3d Example.
3DGRAPH.ZIP 12-02-86 3d funct. plotter/hires w/print, turbo sr
3DHOME.ZIP 01-09-95 Design Your Home in 3d!
3DHOUS.ZIP 02-18-92 An interactive artificial reality demo.
3DHOUSE4.ZIP 01-24-94 3D House walkthru - You can go into the barn, inside the house, and up
the stairs in this 3d model of a house. (Newest File Date: 01-24-94)
3DICO-1.ARJ 12-19-13 3-D Icons For Windows 3.0, Look Great!
3DICO-2.ARJ 12-19-13 3-D Icons For Windows, Nice & Fancy
3DICONS.ZIP 01-11-92 3d Windows icons
3DICONS1.ARJ 12-19-13 129 Three Dimensional Icons for MS Windows
3DICO_1.ZIP 08-01-91 3-D Icons For Windows 3.0, Look Great!
3DIMAGES.ZIP 10-13-96 3d-studio Images As Bmp Files (Wallpaper) Win 3.X Desktop.
3DINPUT.ZIP 08-06-93 3D-VB Input 3.0a - is a 3D text box custom
3DKB24.ZIP 08-14-95 3-d Keyboard V2.4 for Windows Makes it Simple to Type all the
Characters in Your Fonts, Not Just the Ones Shown on Your Keyboard.
While Using Any Windows Application, 3-d Keyboard Lets You Easily Type
Letters and Symbols
3DKB25.ZIP 08-25-96 3-d Keyboard - Type European Languages Easily Type Spanish, French,
German, Italian, and Other West European Languages in Any Windows
Application (95/Nt/3.1), As Well As Fractions, Typographical Symbols,
and More
3DLAB.ZIP 10-24-95 G Labyrinth 3 D
3DLAB1.ZIP 09-02-94 Collection of Turbo Pascal Routines for 3-d Graphics and Animation.
Useful for Games, Such As the Type of Castle Wolfenstein.
3DLIB.ZIP 02-28-88 3d routines for turbo c.
3DLIB17F.ZIP 05-13-93 3dlib V1.7 Turbopascal 3d Graphic Objects Lib/Animation Pkg.
3DLIB30A.ZIP 03-10-94 3d Animation Library for Tp/Bp/Tpw/C++ 1of2
3DLIB30B.ZIP 03-10-94 3d Animation Library for Tp/Bp/Tpw/C++ 2of2
3DMAND3.ARJ 12-19-13 3-D Mandelbrot 3.0 for Win3, makes Mandelbrot images, in 3d.
3DMANIA.ZIP 01-21-94 3DMania - is a WIN31 screen saver module which displays rotating boxes
and pyramids on your screen. (Newest File Date: 01-09-94)
3DMAZE.ARJ 12-19-13 3D-Maze for Windows v3 - simple game to play. move around multiple
mazes & find your way home
3DMAZE.ZIP 11-04-95 Generate and solve mazes under Windows 95. The mazes are displayed in
three dimensions.
3DMAZE12.ZIP 06-07-96 Win95 Generate and Solve Mazes in 3d
3DMAZE95.ZIP 11-26-95 3dmaze V1.2 (11/25/95) Generates Mazes Under Windows 95. The Mazes Are
Displayed in 3d. Use Keys to Solve Them or Have the Computer Solve Them
Visual Basic 4.0 Source Code is Included
3DMENU.LZH 01-06-14 3 Dimentional Menuing System
3DMENU11.LZH 01-06-14 Great menu system-uses less memory than HDM or Automenu
3DMENU20.ZOO 02-08-89 Customizable color 3-D menu system v2.0
3DMENUS.ZIP 07-14-93 Control Works Demo of Custom Controls for Win Apps
3DOOMLVL.ZIP 11-29-96 3 Cool New Levels for Doom1, Each With A Tri
3DO_M2_.ZIP 06-02-95 M2 Accelerator 64-bit Graphics Slideshow Preview. The 3do M2 Features
Texture Mapping at 1,000,000 Polygons per Second. 700,000 Real-time
Texture -mapped Polygons per Second With all Features in Full 24-bit
3DPICTUR.ZIP 06-05-96 This is an Example From Another Program (3d-dra.Zip). Put it Up Closely
to Your Eyes and You Will See it in 3d
3DPIT13.ZIP 01-07-95 3d-pitfall, Ver 1.3: 3d Arcade Game, Vga graphics; Major Speed Increase
! for All of You Complainers Out There Who Don'twant to Spring for A
Defective Pentium. :-)
3DPIT13A.ZIP 03-07-95 3d-pitfall, Ver 1.3: 3-dimensional Arcade Game in Vga; Very Addicting!
3DPIT14.ZIP 09-03-95 3-d Pitfall, Ver 1.4: Geometric Arcade Game Challenging, Fun, Colorful,
Many Options!
3DPLACE.ZIP 07-08-95 This A Very Awesome Bitmap for Mswindows That Took A While to Draw. If
You Like it E-mail Me. I use it for Windows Wall Paper and I Looks
3DPLOT02.ZIP 08-02-89 Standalone 3D plot interpreter, w/TurboC src
3DPONG.ZIP 02-04-90 3d Pong game EGA/CGA works best in EGA
3DPROG.ZIP 05-26-94 3D Programming
3DRANDOT.ARJ 12-19-13 Make 3D Random Dot Steriograms EGA 1 of 2 source code for quick basic
and quick c incl.
3DRANPIC.ARJ 12-19-13 3D random 2 of 2.
3DRENDER.ZIP 04-06-92 Demo of 3D RenderLib for Windows
3DRFAQ11.ZIP 09-01-95 This is the 3d Realms Faq (Frequently Asked Questions) V1.1. Contains
all Kinds of Useful Information About 3d Realms. This is Not Written by
3d Realms, it Was Written by Samuel Stoddard.
3DRFAQ13.ZIP 11-15-95 This is the 3d Realms Faq (Frequently Asked Questions) V1.3. Contains
all Kinds of Useful Information About 3d Realms. This is Not Written by
3d Realms, it Was Written by Samuel Stoddard
3DROOF.ZIP 02-15-90 3d roof routines:hip, gable, etc. for AutoCAD
3DROT.ZIP 04-07-87 3d rotations of any image
3DROT00.ZIP 11-14-91 3D rotation demo
3DRVS110.ZIP 07-30-92 3_Drives v1.10: driver for using 3 HD types
3DRVS150.ZIP 02-10-93 3_Drives v1.50: Universal Device Driver that allows you to add a 2nd
16-bit Hard Disk Drive Interface to your DOS AT (286+) system. Add up
to two more MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE AT Interface drives for a total of
THREE drives. Windows compatible. Fu
3DRVS250.ZIP 07-04-93 3_Drives v2.50: Universal Device Driver that allows you to add a 2nd
16-bit Hard Disk Drive Interface to your DOS AT (286+) system. Add up
to two more MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE AT Interface drives for a total of
THREE drives. Windows compatible. Fu
3DRVS260.ZIP 08-20-93 Allows Addinga 3rd Hard Disk Drive to Your Dos At(286system. Lets You
Combine Mfm, Rll, Esdi &scsi Drives With an Ide At Interface Drive for
a Total of 3 Drives (4 Drive Version Avail).
3DS4FIX.ZIP 02-15-95 INSTALL-FIX for 3D Studio final release 4. Read instructions carefully!
[1/1] shot thru-
3DSDKB32.ZIP 04-03-93 Rreads the Ascii Save File From the 3d Editor in 3d Studio and Writes a
Dkb Raytracer Data File Consisting of Smooth Triangles for Really Good
Looking Reflections. it Also Writes the Camera and Light Positions.
3DSLOGO.ARJ 12-19-13 .FLI animation by 3D Studio
3DSPOV17.ZIP 05-06-93 Convert 3d Studio Files to Ray Tracers Including Binary .3ds Files.
3DSTAR.ZIP 04-10-88 A 3_d Star Trek.
3DSURFAC.LZH 01-06-14 Plot functions of two variables. (CGA)
3DSURFAC.ZIP 07-17-87 3-dimensional surface plotting
3DTERP10.ZIP 12-08-94 PASTERP-based 3D animation program
3DTET.ZIP 09-26-90 3D Tetris game
3DTIME11.ZIP 10-09-93 3DTIME11; 3D Time Log is designed to do one simple task, k
3DTO2D.ARJ 12-19-13 ACAD MSC: Convert 3D views to 2D drawings
3DTTT40.ZIP 10-31-90 Version 4.0 of Camelot's 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
3DTV.ZIP 05-01-95 TERMINAL VELOCITY from 3D Realms! Shareware by Terminal Reality, Inc.
"A 3D shooter that's part Star Wars and part Descent!" Computer Gaming
World. Take flight in this futuristic action game that *should* come
with a barf bag! Totally realist
3DV25.ZOO 11-26-91 3-D viewer v2.5 with real-time rotations (req's mouse) (good)
3DVCP.ZIP 12-28-94 Visual Calendar Planner is an Extremely Powerful Calendar Planner With
No Learning Curve Involved. Highlights Include Wysiwyg Truetype Font,
Color Printing
3DVCP11.ZIP 02-10-94 Visual Calendar Planner 1.1 - Easiest calenda planner program to use,
virtually negligible learning curve. If you think you cannot handl a
sophisticated PIM, try using this program. powerful, yet extremely easy
to use calendar planner. Guarenteed to put you into productiv within
minutes after using this program. Real look that resembles a desktop
planner found o most office desktop. Registered users get TWO major
upgrades free! Association of Shareware
3DVCP20.ZIP 10-16-94 VISUAL CALENDAR PLANNER 2.0/WIN Visual Calendar Planner 2.0 for
extremely powerful calendar planner with no learning curve involved.
Features include WYSIWYG TrueType Font and Color Printing, Wallpaper
Setting and Word Search. Calendar supports multiple view with
multi-color, multi-font look and feel. Visual on-line help is provided.
Utilizes Microsoft Access Da
3DVCP21.ZIP 11-18-94 Visual Calendar Planner V2.1 - an Extremely Powerful Desktop Calendar
Planner in Multi-font, Color, and View. Pcmagazine Award Winning
3DVCP22.ZIP 02-06-95 Visual Calendar Planner 2.2 for Windos; Easy Scheduling
3DVCP30.ZIP 04-17-95 Visual Calendar Planner 3.0 for Win "A Wallpaper A Day Keeps Trouble
Away!" No Need to Load and Run Calendar, Just Set Calendar As A
Wallpaper! This Pc Magazine Award Winning Program Many Others Also
3DVCP31.ZIP 07-17-95 Visual Calendar Planner V3.1 - Calendar Program Similar to A Large
Desktop Planner With Desktop Wallpaper Setting. Pcmagazine Award Winner
3DVCP40.ZIP 11-20-95 Visual Calendar Planner V4.0 for Windows Network Capable and
Multi-color and Fonts in One Daily Cell
3DVCP41.ZIP 06-24-96 Visual Calendar Planner V4.1 - Win Easy to use Desktop Calendar Planner
for Busy People. Ability to Set Calendar As Wallpaper, Enter Any Text
Anywhere With Any Font, Color. Network Capable
3DVECT.ZIP 11-18-93 Pdnasm 3d Vect Engine,gourard Shading Make Objects,xmode,3d Math Asm
3DVECT25.ZIP 09-06-93 3d Vector Engine - by John Mccarthy. Fast Polygon and Line Routines.
Make Your Own Objects, Xmode Mouse, Mix Vectors With Bitmaps, 3d Math,
Variable Sized Bitmaps, Multiple Objects, Full 3d Matrix
3DVIEW12.ZIP 05-30-96 3d-bmp-viewer V1.2. Sources Included. Shows How to Program Fast
Gouraudshading, Texturing and Z-buffering in Assembler and C . Uses Vbe
2.0. This Program Was Compiled and Linked With Watcom C 106
3DVW95.ZIP 09-09-96 3d Blaster 3d-95std-3-us Installation Disk - Creative Bulletin Board
Filename:- 3dvw95.Exe - 3d-95std-3-us 3d Blaster for Windows 95/Nt
Installation Disk for 3d Blaster for Windows 95 and Windows Nt - for
3DWALPPR.ZIP 11-03-93 7 3d Wallpaper Files From Jefware.
3DWARP.ZIP 05-19-95 Os2 3d Logo for Warp Desktop 10248x16.7 Mil.
3DWAVE.LZH 01-06-14 graphic demo of wave action
3DWORLD.ZIP 10-08-93 Interactive Virtual Reality Shareware.
3DWORLD1.ZIP 09-19-93 3dworld: Voyageur IV & 3d Ping Pong!3dworld by Robert Burke: 2 Games in
1! Uses the Incredible Tunnel Vision System! V
3DXW125A.ZIP 04-08-94 Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle and Cyberspace Cruiser v1.25A:
3-dimensional crossword puzzle for MS-Windows; req VBRUN300.DLL;
(Newest File Date: 04-08-94)
3DXWD.ZIP 06-02-92 Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle
3DXWD107.ZIP 06-24-92 Freeware Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle
3DXWD117.ZIP 11-19-92 3d Crossword Puzzle Type Game For Windows
3DXWD123.ZIP 07-08-93 Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle/Cruiser V1.23
3DXWD124.ZIP 10-24-93 Three-dimensional Crossword Puzzle
3DXWD125.ZIP 03-01-94 Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle and Cyberspace Cruiser 1.25: 3-d Crossword
Puzzle for Windows. Req: Vbrun300.Dll.
3D_FRAME.ZIP 01-25-95 A Windows Shell Program for ZIP Underwindows. Includes Example Source
in C.
3D_LAND.ZIP 01-04-94 Virtual Reality mountain generator
3D_MATH.ZIP 01-10-94 TXT - Math for 3D Rotations by Lithium /VLA
3D_PLOT.FOR 01-17-88 Plots a surface using Plot 10 commands
3D_PROG.ZIP 08-11-95 Information on Programming 3d.
3D_STREK.ZIP 07-20-92 3-D Startrek game
3D_TB.ZIP 02-05-91 Toolbook Improve Apps W/ 3-D Buttons 02-05-1991
3ELPH10.ZIP 09-04-95 Three Elephant Power, by Andrew Barton `banjo' Paterson A Project
Gutenberg Public Domain Etext August, 1995 Etext #307
3FIFFY3.ZIP 05-24-96 Reol Tough Map Replacement Death! A Map01 Replacement for Hexen Euro
Disney Was Turning A Fortress Into an Attraction, But Korax Does Not
Like the Idea Whatsoever. Elevators That Accelerate and Decelerate!
"Disco" Room
3FIFFYB.ZIP 12-20-95 V1.1 Castle of the Damned 2: Insanity! A Map01 Pre-release for Hexen!
This is A Small Version of the First of 6 Main Levels in Cotd2! Also
Planned: 3 Secret Levels. Bug Fixed: Thing Problem Eliminated!
Recomended: 486/100
3FISH.ZIP 12-20-92 Three Fish Graphics for Windows. Stunning, Environmentally Sensitive
Graphics and a Dynamic Icon That Keeps on Working Even When the Window
is Minimized. It's Great for Burning Up Those Unwanted Cpu Cycles, and
it Can Provide Hours of Relaxation for the Harried Computer User.
Hw (Newest File Date: 11-17-92)
3FISH.ZIP 12-20-92 Three Fish Graphics for Windows. Stunning, Environmentally Sensitive
Graphics and a Dynamic Icon That Keeps on Working Even When the Window
is Minimized. It's Great for Burning Up Those Unwanted Cpu Cycles, and
it Can Provide Hours of Relaxation for the Harried Computer User.
Hw (Newest File Date: 11-17-92)
3FIX4RAB.ZIP 01-06-96 3fix4r&b Makes These Changes to The Instrument Panel Included With the
Red And Blue Cessnas (Rac01.Zip) by Wayne Russell. A) Removes Hood From
Top of Panel So it Looks Good With Any Airplane. B) Fixed Marker Lights
on Red
3FONTS1.ZIP 01-06-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
3FONTS2.ZIP 01-08-91 Adobe Type Manager Font
3KIDS.ZIP 03-02-93 2 Images, PCX and BMP of two kids.
3LTR.ZIP 04-23-95 Broadcast 3 Letter Call Signs
3MONT101.ZIP 01-30-93 3 CARD MONTE - Version 1.01 (C)1992,1993 Three Card MONTE is a
variation of hide the pea under the walnut shell. In this game, the
computer has two black cards and a red card. The object is for the
player to pick the RED card. As the game dea
3NEW.ZIP 01-18-94 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
3NEW1S.ZIP 10-19-95 G_rott Rott: "3 New Ones". 3 Stand Alone Levels
3NSH156.ZIP 03-16-94 Mcafee's Netshield Nlm Anti-virus Scanner for Netware 3.11, 3.12,
Sft-iii. Netshield 1.56 Fixes Two Problems With the Previous Version.
3NSH160.ZIP 04-03-94 NETSHIELD, ver 1.60, anti-virus NLM for Novell NetWare 3.11/3
.12/SFT-III servers. Tested and Approved by Novell, Inc. Uploaded by
NH&A, authorized McAfee agent. To license this or other McAfee program,
contact Norman Hirsch at 212-304-9660 or other McAfee agent in AGENTS
.TXT file.
3OF9.ZIP 05-29-93 BarcodeRegular TrueType font is a 3 of 9 Barcode font for MS-Windows;
05/29/93; Paul Andre LeBlanc/CAIL Systems Ltd. (Newest File Date:
3PIRADA.ZIP 07-20-92 PIRADA I II and III by ETS Inc. THREE GREAT animated GAMES just for you
Blackjack, 5 Card Draw Poker and Keno. In a style you have never seen
before! IBM EGA/VGA+Mouse required. 5 STARS! BBS (801)265-0919 14400
3PNT_BB.ZIP 02-08-94 3 Point Basketball game by MVP Software . Take on "ASBA" stars
such as Shackle O'Deal and Bald Barkler in a 3 point shootout. Rick
Vitality calls the action as you fire up those threes. Will you be "hot
with the rock," or are your shots better described as "what a brick,
baby?" Requires VGA+, mouse; Sound Blaster is optional.
3POINT.ZIP 04-03-94 3 Point Basketball Graphics Sports Game
3PTPAS.ZIP 12-21-92 Pascal Source To Find Circle On 3 Points.
3R1_31.ZIP 12-24-96 Update Third Reich 1.31
3R3UBOAT.ZIP 02-03-94 3R3 P Product Name: 3R3UBOAT.ZIP R Product Version #: VERSION 1.0 O D
Description of Product: U Research done on the German U-Boats during C
World War II. Only straight to the point raw data T information
enclosed. Self running program. S
3RD.ZIP 04-23-95 Ts 440 Control Program
3RDPLUS.ZIP 02-29-96 3rdPlus AddIn for Borland C V 2.00 provides project manager, ANSI/O
conversion, Source snippet maintenance and direct context help via the
MSDN Developer Library of the incomplete Borland help files) fully
3SACA004.ZIP 06-24-90 Clip-Art from SSA 4/5
3SHUFFLE.ZIP 01-13-95 Windows Card Game. One of A Kind. Totally New (At Least to Me) Concept
in Solitaire. Good Graphics Too.
3SONNETS.ZIP 03-14-89 The Cloud Sculptors
3STAR.ZIP 10-17-90 An interview with a 3 star general
3STOGE.ZIP 04-02-93 4 3-Stooges Sounds
3STOGE15.ZIP 11-08-96 The 3 Stooges! Trivia V1.05 - BBS Door About the Age Old Comedy Team.
The Only Door of It's Kind! all Questions About the Life & Times of
"The 3 Stooges". Multi-node, Rip Supported, Many BBS Types Too
3STOGE16.ZIP 12-01-96 The 3 Stooges! Trivia V1.06 - BBS Door About the Age Old Comedy Team.
The Only Door of It's Kind! all Questions About the Life & Times of
"The 3 Stooges". Multi-node, Rip Supported, Many BBS Types Too.
3STOOGE3.ZIP 01-30-93 3 Stooges Wav files
3STRIKES.ZIP 02-20-95 Wad File for Doom2 , Single and Co-op Play Not Really Setup for
Deathmatch. (Haven't Tryed it That Way). Pretty Tough Level 1
Replacement. Lots of Weapons Ands Ammo You'll Need Them.
3TZIP.ZIP 10-08-93 PKZIP for Windows NT - NTFS Compatible. (Newest File Date: 10-08-93)
3VIEW12.ZIP 12-10-95 Threeview Version (1.2) 3view is an Interactive Viewer for 3d Off
Format Files. It Runs Under Windows 95 and Windows Nt
3VS3.ZIP 01-03-97 Warcraft II Scenario.
3VS5.ZIP 01-03-97 Warcraft 2 Sceanrio.
3WAVE23.ZIP 10-17-96 Quake: - Threewave Capture Info . New . (By Gamesnet)
3WAVE251.ZIP 11-26-96 Quake: - Threewave Capture Info New (By Gamesnet)
3WAVE32.ZIP 12-24-96 Quake: - Threewave Capture
3WAYS.ZIP 01-04-97 Warcraft 2 Pud.
3WCTFC30.ZIP 11-26-96 Quake: - Threewave Capture Info New (By Gamesnet)
3X3_10.ZIP 07-05-93 Print Diskette Labels for 3.5" Disks Under Windows. Requires Vbrun300
3X3_12.ZIP 09-28-93 3x3 Labeler v1.2: MS-Windows easy-to-use method of producing labels for
3 " disks; label will contain a list of the files on the disk, as well
as a banner (title) and edge text; requires VBRUN300.DLL; 09/28/93;
TANSTAAFL Software. (Newest File Date: 09-28-93)
3X3_161.ZIP 05-14-94 3x3 Labeler 1.61: Easy-to-use Method of Producing Labels for 3 1/2"
Disks. The Label can Contain A List of the Files or Directories on the
Disk, or Multi-line Text, As Well As A Banner (Title) and Edge Text.
3X3_163.ZIP 06-08-94 3x3 Labeler V1.63 for Windows. Produce Labels for 3 " Disks; Label Will
Contain A List of the Files on the Disk, As Well As A Title and Edge
Text; Does Color, Too.
3X80.ZIP 12-12-91 Install info (jumpers,etc) DTC 3X80 SCSI
3YAHTZ.ZIP 01-09-92 Triple Yahtzee For Windows 3x
3ZRV10.ZIP 10-13-96 3zrfree V1.0 - A Dos, Text-based Dice Game Where Lowest Score Wins.
Hard Disk Not Necessary But Recommended. Play 2-6 Players But Beware :
3zrfree is Highly Addictive Play Others or Play the Computer.
3_19DISC.ZIP 02-25-90 Paranormal Issues
3_4ENCOD.BAS 01-25-88 3-4 en/decoder, send binary files via email
3_BOARDS.ZIP 03-14-94 3 Boards Sound Blaster Animation.
3_MYTHS.ZIP 08-23-94 3 Myths about marijuana
3_WAY.ZIP 06-21-94 How to build a 3-way phone
40017.ZIP 08-07-95 Soc.Culture.Puerto-rico: Introduction and Faq This Document Contains
Information About Soc.Culture.Puerto-rico (Charter, Netiquette and
Related Questions), Puerto Rico (Festivities, National Symbols, and
400ABETA.ZIP 07-18-96 Mail Manager Plus V4.00a Beta.
400K.LZH 01-06-14 Allows you to format a 360k disk to 400k
400KDISK.LZH 01-06-14 Format your 360k disk to 400k
400KISK.ZIP 08-26-87 FORMAT A DISK FOR 400 KB 012A
400TO401.ZIP 02-24-94 Automatic Packet Reporting System. V4.01 Upgrade from v4.00 to v4.01.
Received 02/26/94. An Amateur Radio program to display participating
APRA stations on a World map down to local map. Updates and maps
available on Packet BBS VE3INF or landline BBS Project X (905) 790-9311
400_OS2.ZIP 01-14-95 Os2 Run Intel Satisfaxtion 400 With Faxworks.
40124.ZIP 08-09-95 Soc.Culture.Lebanon Faq, 1/2 This Article Contains A List of Questions
Asked Frequently Newcomers to Soc.Culture.Lebanon; it Then Provides
Answers to Them. Please Read This Before Posting to the Group. Rules of
40146.ZIP 08-10-95 Faq Filemaker Pro - Database for Macintosh and Windows This Posting
Contains A List of Faq (And Their Answers) About the Application
Filemaker Pro From Claris. Fmp Vailable for Macintosh and Windows
Operating Systems.
40182.ZIP 08-12-95 Conventional Fusion Faq 0/11 Intro 1/3 Overview Fusion Energy
Represents A Promising Alternative to Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Fission
for World Energy Production. This Fut Compendium of Frequently Used
Terms in Plasma
4019.ZIP 03-07-94 Os/2 Ibm 4019 Driver. Consists of Files That Comprise the Os/2 Ibm 4019
Printer Driver. See the Package Prnmap.Txt for a List Printers
Supported by This and Other Os/2 Printer Drivers.
401JAN95.ZIP 01-24-95 January 1995, Rhode Island BBS List A monthly service of ENC since 1987
This month: 101 systems!
401K224.ZIP 10-23-96 $401k Planner - Retirement/Calc/Biz Projects and Analyzes Your
Retirement Income 401(K) Balance, and Social Security, Based on Your
Salary, Contributions, Return Inflation, Company Match, Etc. Graphs
401K241.ZIP 02-03-97 V2.41 $401k Planner - Retirement/Calc/Biz Projects and Analyzes Your
Retirement Income Balance, and Social Security, Based on Your Salary,
Contributions, Return, Inflation Company Match, Etc.
401KPLAN.ZIP 09-19-95 401(K) Plans Are Growing As the Retirement Plan of Choice by Employers
and Employees. $401k Planner Will Help You in Your $401k Decision
Making Process by Calculating the Future Value of Your Current $401k
Account Balance