Name Date Description
OZCS12A1.ARJ 12-19-13 OzCIS v1.2A: extensive pull-down menu-driven COMMS program for access
to CIS (1/3)
OZCS12A2.ARJ 12-19-13 OzCIS v1.2A: (2/3)
OZCS12A3.ARJ 12-19-13 OzCIS v1.2A: (3/3)
OZD100.ZIP 04-19-93 Ozd V1.0: Formerly Ozt, Ozd is a Re-threader for Ozcis Forum Message
Files; Todd Fiske.
OZGIS80.ZIP 01-18-92 OzGIS v8.0 display geographically ref. data
OZLAND10.ZIP 08-12-94 The Marvelous Land of Oz, L. Frank Baum
OZM100.ZIP 05-27-93 Ozm V1.00: Organizer for Ozcis Cismail Files That Will Reorganize
Ozcis's Message, Purge, and Outbox Save Files and Files Which Contain
Various Combinations Thereof; Todd Fiske.
OZONE05.ZIP 06-07-94 Internet Faq (Ans to Freq Asked Questions) Re: the Destruction of the
Ozone Layer.
OZONEFAQ.ZIP 07-22-95 Ozone Depletion Faqs, 3 Parts. Sent to Execnet Via Ftp by Raymund
OZPAT.ARC 09-20-89 Color patching utility for OZRLE
OZPKE12A.ZIP 01-12-94 OzPKE/OzPKD v1.2A: 2 modules/utilities which work in conjunction
w/Steve Sneed's automated CompuServe access program, OzCIS (v2.0and
Phil Zimmerman's Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) pgm (v2.3to assure secure
communications via electronic mail; 01/12/94; Donald Moe. (Newest File
Date: 01-12-94)
OZPKE15C.ZIP 07-13-94 Ozpke/Ozpkd V1.5c: 2 Modules/Utilities Which Work in Conjunction
W/Steve Sneed's Automated Compuserve Access Program, Ozcis (V2.0and
Phil Zimmerman's Pretty Good Privacy (Pgp) Pgm (V2.3to Assure Secure
OZPLANTS.EXE 01-06-14 Plants
OZRLE93B.ARC 09-20-89 Compuserve "B"&"BPlus" protocols and GIF viewer (w SVGA)
OZSCAN.ZIP 08-30-92 Media Monitoring Frequencies
OZT11B.ZIP 04-01-93 Ozcis Message Re-threader.
OZWIN11C.ZIP 10-10-95 Ozwin 1.10 for Windows. Automate all Your Compuserve Activities. This
Program is the Big Brother of DOS Based Ozcis. Note: You.
OZZIE.ZIP 01-06-95 The Animated Ozzie's World -screen Shots From the Most Exciting
Animated Educational Game to Hit Cd-rom. Join Ozzie S. Otter on A
Magical, Animated, Earth-friendly Exploration. Wonderfully Engaging
O_ICONS.ZIP 09-15-92 "O" Icon Library. (NEWEST FILE DATE: 09-15-92)
O_KYRA.ZIP 12-04-95 Sdc_xm Xm: Kyra's Dream - by Otis
O_LIMITS.ARJ 12-19-13 List of all the episodes from the OUTER LIMITS TV series.
O_LRD01.ZIP 02-01-95 Wad for Doom II - Deathmatch.
O_PMODS.ZIP 04-09-91 MODS for scanners O-P
O_QWK11.ZIP 12-31-93 No ID File Found For This Archive File. Please consult the
documentation of this program for a complete description of its purpose
and use.
O_QWK17.ZIP 12-31-94 Sdsopus Qwk Door for use With Opus 1.7+ Direct From Portugal!
O_REN171.ZIP 08-05-91 Opus 1.71 BBS message renumbering utility