Name Date Description
MDRIL201.ZIP 03-05-94 Multiplication Drill (MD), version 2.01. A Windows application created
to help your child learn his or her multiplication tables by drilling
them on one hundred (100) possible combinations. Enhanced with graphics
and sound effects. (Newest File Date: 03-05-94)
MOVTRV01.ZIP 01-27-93 MOVIES TRIVIA - VERSION 1.0 Anything can happen in the Movies.
Disney, Thrillers & Mystery, Academy Awards, Comedies, Science Fiction,
Biograph, Musicals, Romance, Producers, War, Directors, Action &
Adventure, Historyand much more! Check out Movies Trivia! EGA, Mouse &
Kbd Support.
MR2_208.ZIP 09-04-94 Mr/2 - A Qwk Compatible Mail Reader for Os/2 Text-mode. Menu/Picklist
Driven, Mouse Support, Thread Summary, Multi- Threaded Searching,
Virtual Conferences, Address Book, Internal Editor, Speller, Thesaurus.
MRDM2201.ZIP 07-26-94 Mrdm2201.Zip an Original Pwad for Doom. Single Player Only.
MRDM2401.ZIP 09-03-94 Yet Another Pwad for Doom.
MRFIX10.ZIP 06-26-94 Mrfix is A Dos-based, Memory-resident File Manager.
MRVEGA15.ZIP 09-19-94 Mr Vegas 1.5 Free Windows Las Vegas Kit Shows Air Auto Hotel
MR_CID.ZIP 09-28-94 Realtime Caller-id Polling System.
MS9403.ZIP 08-12-94 Multiple Schlorosis: Betaserone Reduces Relapses.
MSD_V211.ZIP 06-11-94 Bfds Microsoft Diagnostics Utility (Msd) Version 2.11. Revision Date:
6/94 Update Release.
MSGWORKS.ZIP 05-31-94 Messageworks for Windows V2.0. Takes, Delivers and Organizes Telephone
MSHBLT02.ZIP 07-30-94 Bulletin V.02 by Balrog Great Lightbars Replacement for Your Bulletin
Menu! Fully Sysop Configurable, Supports 255 Different Bulletins, Great
Looking and Easy to : Install and Configure. : - -.
MSKB10.ZIP 08-31-94 Ms Basic Knowledge Base V1.0 This Program Contains the Entire Microsoft
Quickbasic Knowledge Base, the Same One Used by Microsoft Technical
Support When You Call in With A Problem. Only Documents Dealing With
MSLEGAL.ZIP 07-19-94 Text of Complaint, Stipulation, and Justice Press Release Regarding
Microsoft Monopoly and Restraint of Trade.
MSLOT10.ZIP 07-10-94 W4wg Mailslot Control Visual Basic Custom Control That Makes Mailslot
use Simple. No Windows Api Calls Required. Requires Windows for
MSMEGA10.ZIP 08-14-94 Mabry Software Mega Pack One Dozen of Mabry Software's Most Popular
Custom Controls for Visual Basic.
MSUPDATE.ZIP 08-13-94 Msd 3.00 Update Disk (1/1) Works With Qemm 7.04 No More Bugs Also Has A
New Virus Check! (Tested With Ms-dos 6.22).
MT333.ZIP 09-19-94 Msgtrack 3.33; the Complete Netmail Manager - Emergency Bug Fix!
MTABLE.ZIP 07-13-94 Updated Version of Database Listbox. Written in Tpw 7.0. No
Documentation. Kit of Objects Allowing Convenient Browsing of Databae
Files. Database Functions Are Not Implemented.
MTAOVF58.ZIP 08-14-94 Mta V 15.58 Overlay Version Make Them Anything
MTA_VF58.ZIP 08-14-94 Mta is A Conversion Utility to Convert Almost Any Archive And/Or Gif to
Another Format. It Contains Special Support for Bbs's, Exits, Doors and
Such. Also You can Check for Virus Inside the Archives While You
MTDOOM.ZIP 08-16-94 Mt Doom Wad, Nice Music, Good Layout.
MTINI120.ZIP 09-02-94 Maintini is A Small DOS Based Prg. Which Lets You Modify Any Kind of
Ini-files From the DOS Commandline. Usefull for Networks, Just Place it
in the Login-script. !! New Version 1.20b !
MTINI12B.ZIP 09-02-94 Maintini V1.20b: Small Dos-based Pgm Which Lets You Modify Any Kind of
Ini-files From the DOS Cmd Line; Create New Section, Add or Modify Key
& Values; Delete, Comments, Uncomments Keys and Sections; Global
MTKIT2.ZIP 06-19-94 A Library of Mathematical Tpus. Inverse Trigonometric Functions,
Hyperbolic Functions, Factorials, Permutations, and More. Accuracy to
19 Significant Figures. Full Demo Included.
MTRCON50.ZIP 07-10-94 Metricon V5.0 Metric Unit Conversion Utility. 30,000+ Unit Conversions
Possible. Features On-line Help, Context Sensitive. Converts Imperial
to Metric, Metric to Imperial, As Well As To/From Many Other
MTZLK334.ZIP 07-27-94 Metz Lock 3.34 Your Key to Ms Windows Security! Prevent Unauthorized
use of Your System Yet Allow Applications to Continue to Run in the
MUD30.ZIP 07-14-94 Mud V3.0: Mac/Unix DOS Translator/Reformatter That Will Convert Cr/Lf
to Cr or Cr to Cr/Lf; is Also A General Search/Replace Util for Ascii
Files That Will Accept A String Up to 128 for the Find/Replace
MUDLORD.ZIP 07-21-94 Scenario for Warlords II Ftl08-18-94.
MULTIV.ZIP 06-20-94 Multiview V4.0 - View 4 Avi Files at Once. Zoom and Switch Between
Movies. Plays Forward and Backwards. Copy Frames to the Clipboard.
Support for Drag-and-drop, and Full Screen Requires Video for Windows 1
1 Runtime
MURAL102.ZIP 08-30-94 Murals for Windows is A Fast, Shareware Wallpaper Changer That Supports
Jpeg Fif, Gif, and Os/2 or Windows Bmp Formats. The Wallpaper can be
Changed Periodically According to A Specified Time Interval.
MUSHSAVR.ZIP 08-20-94 A Windows Screen Saver, in Which Mushrooms Pop Up all Over Your Screen.
MUSIC15.ZIP 09-03-94 Music Sculptor 1.5 for Windows. Very Easy to use Midi Sequencer With
Music Keyboard Window. Record, Edit, and Play Music. Works With Any
Windows-compatible Sound Card or Midi Interface.
MVPBR20.ZIP 09-13-94 Mvp Bridge Ver 2 by Mvp Software Asp . If You Like to Play Bridge, or
You Would Like to Learn, Mvp Bridge is for You. The Critics Agree That
Mvp Bridge is the Best Shareware Bridge Game Ever Developed. Chosen by
MW0109.ZIP 09-01-94 Sdsmax Maxworld Newletter, Sept 94
MW0110.ZIP 10-01-94 Maxworld Newsletter, Oct 94.
MWPR94.ZIP 08-04-94 Mwpr V1.0: Ms-windows Payroll Writing Pgm W/ Built-in State/Federal
Tables; Up to 4 User Set Deductions Allow for Tips, 401k, Medical
Deductions, Disability Insurance, Local Taxes Etc. W/Up to 3 Other
Income Fields
MWRH14.ZIP 02-06-94 MEASURES VERSION 1.40 Measures is a units conversion program which will
translate between Imperial and metric and different units within the
same system. From Belgium.
MX197.ZIP 07-19-94 Mxlight V1.97 Many New Features & Fixes. Now With Pulldown Menus and
Mouse Support Zedzap,zmodem,ymodemg, Ymodem, Xmodem1k, Xmodem Support
for 3 External Protocols. Split-screen Chat, Ansi, Ansi-music, Avatar
and Vt100
MYCMM224.ZIP 08-06-94 Mycomm V2.24: Small, Yet Powerful, Comm Pgm W/Built-in Zmodem, Xmodem,
Xmodem-1k, Ymodem Batch, Ymodem Batch 1k Option, Sealink, and Ascii and
Support for Externally Added Protocols; Supports Tty, Ansi, Vt-52, &
MYDEATH.ZIP 09-13-94 Another Deathmatch Pwad, Based on Mine.Wad From Doomed. Lots of Ammos
and Weapons. Specially Designed for Deathmatch. E1m1 - 2-4 Players
MYGRPS.ZIP 08-23-94 Pc Mag Win. Utility See 9/27/94 Issue. Makes Win. Groups With an Icon.
Newest File: 9-9-1994.
MYSTAR20.ZIP 07-10-94 Mystars! Ver 2.0a Astronomy, Planetarium for Win 3.1. View the Stars,
Planets, M Objects As Seen From Any Place on Earth Any Date/Time. Now
With: Zoom In/Out, Object Tracking and Animation.
MYSTIC11.ZIP 07-15-94 Mystic Towers V1.1. Not A Platform Game-it's an Action/Puzzle Packed
Adventure Like You've Never Seen! Explore Hundreds of Rooms and use
Magic and Wits.
M_PLUS.ZIP 07-07-94 Mailing List System. Mailing System With Many Features.
N-DOOR29.ZIP 10-10-92 Node Door v2.9: nodelist search door.
N.ARJ 12-19-13 An interesting CLS type command. Displays status line; date, time,
memory etc
N104_386.ZIP 06-11-96 Net-tamer V1.04 Internet in A Thimble, DOS Ppp Dial-up, Scheduled Robot
and Real Time Navigator. No Tsr Packet Driver Req'd. Web Browse,
Get/Send Your Email, Get/Send Usenet Messages, Ftp Upload/Download A
File, & Telnet
N106_XT.ZIP 09-12-96 N106-xt.Zip 398050 09-12-96 Net-tamer V1.06 - Xts, 286s. Integrated Ppp
N107_XT.ZIP 11-06-96 Net-tamer is A Ppp Dial Up Access Program Which Requires No Tsr Packet
Driver. It Will Web Browse, Get/Send Your Email, Get/Send Usenet
Messages, Ftp Upload/Download A File Telnet to Another Internet Addres
N1081386.ZIP 02-05-97 Net-tamer is A DOS Ppp Dial Up Access Program Which Requires No Tsr
Packet Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp (Email), Http
(Www), Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day Finger, Ping, Time, and Other
N108_386.ZIP 01-03-97 N108-386.Zip Net-tamer is A DOS Pp Dial Up Access Program Which
Requires No Tsr Packet Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp
(Email), Http (Ww), Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day, Finger, Ping,
N108_XT.ZIP 01-03-97 N108-xt.Zip Net-tamer is A DOS Pp Dial Up Access Program Which Requires
No Tsr Packet Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp (Email),
Http (Ww), Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day, Finger, Ping, Time
N109_386.ZIP 05-15-97 Net-tamer 386+ DOS Ppp Dial Up Access Program. Requires No Tsr Packet
Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp (Email), Http (Www),
Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day, Finger, Ping, Time, and Other
N109_PT.ZIP 05-15-97 Utilnet Net-tamer is A DOS Ppp Dial Up Access Program Which Requires No
Tsr Packet Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp (Email),
Http (Www), Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day, Finger, Ping, Time
N109_XT.ZIP 05-15-97 Utilnet Net-tamer is A DOS Ppp Dial Up Access Program Which Requires No
Tsr Packet Driver. Supports Nntp (Usenet), Ftp, Pop3 & Smtp (Email),
Http (Www), Telnet, Daytime, Quote of the Day, Finger, Ping, Time
N10A22.ZIP 08-01-95 Norton Anti-virus for Netware 1.0 and 2.0 Virus Definitions Update for
Aug 1995.
N10A24.ZIP 10-01-95 Norton Anti-virus for Netware 1.0 and 2.0 Virus Definitions Update for
Oct 1995.
N10A25.ZIP 11-01-95 Norton Anti-virus for Netware 1.0 and 2.0 Virus Definitions Update for
Nov 1995
N120-120.ZIP 02-10-92 Included in this archive are every configuration file and
N1612B5.ZIP 08-13-95 Newest Version of Netscape. Version 1.2b5.
N1612B6.ZIP 08-18-95 Netscape 1.2 Beta 6 - Latest!
N16D122P.ZIP 09-26-95 This Application Will Patch the Netscape Navigator 16-bit Ms-windows U
.S. Security Release to V1.22; 09/26/95; Netscape Corp.
N16E11B3.ZIP 04-01-95 Netscape V1.1b3 Beta.
N16E122.ZIP 09-26-95 Latest Version of Netscape
N16E30.ZIP 08-20-96 Netscape V3.0 for Windows 3.X Systems. This is the Final Non-beta
N16E301P.ZIP 10-22-96 Netscape Navigator V3.01 for Windows 3x Systems. This is the Full
Release Which Includes all the Bells and Whistles
N17JSRC.ZIP 10-20-91 ham radio packet TCPIP
N1A08.ZIP 06-01-94 Symantec's Antivirus for Netware Definition - June `94 Definition
N20DNTST.ZIP 08-23-94 Report of nitrous effects while at the dentist
N2K03.ZIP 12-21-13 Ninja 2000! CHAIN.TXT WWIV Door Game! [= =] [= =] Seek the city for
evil Thugs, [= =] Avenge your Parents deaths! [= =] By Swordfish! [= =]
[= =] Beta Release! v0.3 [=
N2L_207.ZIP 02-05-94 Orbital elements of artifical satellites NORAD 2-line format. (Newest
File Date: 02-05-94)
N2L_297.ZIP 12-15-95 Element Sets for Over 1000 Satellites From the Canadian Space Society
N2L_298.ZIP 12-22-95 More Satellite Elements in Nasa 2 Line Format From the Canadian Space
Society Over 1000 Satellites in Database
N2L_327.ZIP 07-12-96 Latest Satellite Elements From the Canadian Space Society
N2O.ZIP 08-23-94 General information on nitrous oxide
N2OACT.ZIP 08-23-94 How nitrous oxide works
N2ODANG.ZIP 08-23-94 How can nitrous be dangerous?
N2OEO.ZIP 10-19-92 Functional domain-name server, works fine with the packete
N2O_REF.ZIP 08-23-94 References to journal articles on nitrous oxide
N2O_SYN.ZIP 08-23-94 Problems in making your own nitrous oxide
N2O_USE.ZIP 08-23-94 What NOT to do when using nitrous
N2P_116.ZIP 07-24-91 Net to point utility.
N3019.ZIP 07-20-93 Nts/2 V1 Fixes to Enable Lan Network Manager "Critical Resource
Monitoring" on Alan Streamer M32, or 16/4 Adapter II or Busmaster/A
Server Adapter.
N3212B5.ZIP 08-09-95 Netscape V1.2 Beta 5 32-bit Version for Windows 95.
N3212B6.ZIP 08-21-95 Netscape Navigator 1.2b6 - Version for Win95.
N32D122P.ZIP 09-30-95 Netscape Navigator 32 Bit Patch. Upgrades Fitzpatrick.
N32E11N.ZIP 04-25-95 Netscape Ver 1.1n - 32 Bit Version the Newest Version of This
Outstanding Web Browser. The Ugly N is Gone!
N32E122.ZIP 09-25-95 Netscape Navigator V1.22 32-bit Version for Win95.
N32E20B2.ZIP 11-04-95 Netscape Navigator V2.0 Beta 2 32-bit for Win95.
N32E20B3.ZIP 11-22-95 Netscape Navigator 2.0 Beta 3 for Win95
N32E30.ZIP 08-20-96 Netscape V3.0 for Windows 95 Systems. This is the Final Non-beta
N32E301.ZIP 11-08-96 Netscape Navigator V3.01 for Windows 95
N32E40B.ZIP 12-26-96 Netscape Communicator (Navigator) V4.0 Beta for Windows 95.
N3W13.ZIP 12-14-94 Nitemare-3D for Windows, v1.3 NITEMARE-3D for Windows v1.3 -
VGA 256 color 3D scrolling adventure game. Continuing the theme of the
original HUGO games, this Win 3.1 game features first person
perspective scrolling in 256 color VGA. Supports mouse, joystick and
sound cards. Requires 386 or higher and 4 Meg memory. Includes WinG
and IBMJOY.DRV. First episode is shareware, register for remaining two,
hint book and map
N6BVU.ZIP 08-17-88 Message and Petition from Karl Pagel re: 220
N6VVEQ.ZIP 10-28-89 Story of SF Earthquake told by Les, N6VV
N7TIPS.ZIP 03-04-94 Novell DOS 7.00 tips to help in setting up th e autoexec.bat and config
sys files. (Newest File Date: 03-04-94)
NA32V21C.ZIP 01-22-97 Net Attache 2.1c. A Second-generation Web Agent - A Level Above and
Beyond the Competition
NA32V25.ZIP 04-28-97 Netattache Pro V.2.50a for Windows 95/Nt is A Powerful Web Search
NA894_1.ZIP 08-13-94 Article on American Public Schools.
NAB17.ZIP 10-26-91 "Noger Nabbit" Grab ASCII from screen (has potential)
NABBS620.ZIP 06-20-93 Native American BBS LIST; All NABBS's in the Americans
NABBY10.ZIP 08-12-94 Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen [Austen #2]
NAC100.ARJ 12-19-13 Noughts & Crosses v1.0 for Windows 3
NAC1292.ZIP 03-08-93 Brazil National BBS listing
NACS209.ARJ 12-19-13 Upgrade to v2.09 of NetWare Async Comms Server
NADALL.ZIP 10-18-93 Nadall TrueType font The font it is based on can be found in the book
"Elegant Display Fonts," ed. Solo. I don't know its origins, but it
seems to show an Art Deco influence. (Newest File Date: 10-18-93)
NADAT1.ZIP 10-18-93 Nadall Postscript Adobe font w/an Art Deco influence;
w/AFM/PFB/PFM/CFG/INF; 10/18/93; Eric Grunin. (Newest File Date:
NADATT.ZIP 10-18-93 Nadall truetype font w/an Art Deco influence; 10/18/93; Eric Grunin.
(Newest File Date: 10-18-93)
NADC.ZIP 08-15-91 FS4/ASD scenery: Naval Air Development Center
NADIR11.ZIP 11-08-95 A Nadir V1.1. DOS & Win Macro & Procedural Language Interpreted
Programming Language That Combines Macro Generation Capabilities With
Ability to Write Procedural Functions Generate Code for Any Language
excellent file, "follow the money", and find out who was really pushing
it! (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
NAFTA2.ZIP 01-04-94 NOAM CHOMSKY'S thunderous warning against NAFTA, the financial elite
behind it, and its role in creating a repressive New World Order. Must
reading! Like it or not, the NWO intends to incorporate and control you
forwarned is forearmed! (Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
NAFTA4.ZIP 01-04-94 This chilling file details the horrific effects of free trade on Mexico
and Central America before NAFTA was signed. But now there is worse to
come. We too are now on the "downward spiral". Read what happened in
these countries, because that's what lies ahead for the U.S. And Canada
(Newest File Date: 01-04-94)
NAG.ZIP 01-11-94 NAG 1.0A This program just nags you -- or a friend!
NAG10A.ZIP 02-05-94 Nag 1.0a the Program for People Who Miss Their Parents.
NAG5.ZIP 08-08-92 Nag is a date reminder program for Windows.
NAG6.ZIP 10-08-92 Nag is a date reminder program for Windows 3.x
NAG8.ZIP 07-22-93 Boot-time Reminder of Things to Do
NAGGER.ZIP 08-23-92 Nagger helps you help yourself. Using proven psychological techniques
it displays a message you create at random intervals while you work.
You control every message, its font, color, and timing.
NAGGER35.ZIP 05-13-94 Nagger V3.5: Ms-windows Util That Displays A Message You Create at
Random Intervals; You Control Every Message's Font, Color, & Timing
Making the Message Automatic or Create A New One Every Day; Req
NAIL.ZIP 11-22-96 Nail It! 1.01. This Tiny Application Runs in Your Task Bar and Allows
You to Give Any Window the "Always on Top" Attribute. Great for Those
Keeping Those Little Things That You Need all the Time in Plain View
NAILED20.ZIP 06-22-95 A New Descent Mission for Levels 1-4 Nailed 2.0 These Levels Will Take
You for A Real Spin. A Unique Design Carrying You Into A New Mine
Mission. Progressively More Difficult and More Complex.
NAILS.ZIP 07-02-93 Nails is a simple MS-Windows game pretty much the same as those little
pegboard games you get at restaraunts; VBRUN200.DLL; 07/02/93; Ross C.
Goldstein. (Newest File Date: 07-02-93)
NAILS16.ZIP 09-08-97 NailSoft v1.6: Beauty salon management system
NAINST.ZIP 08-23-97 Msnbc's Online News Alert. Allows You to Select the Categories of News
Items You Are Interested in Following and 3 Levels of Priority
NAKED101.ZIP 12-15-91 NakedEye SuperVGA Gif viewer v1.01 (14 Dec 91) (good)
NALPANML.ZIP 08-25-92 Sample NAPLPS drawings of animals
NAM312.ZIP 04-05-94 MAC.NAM for NetWare for Macintosh 3.12 - This MAC.NAM file should only
be used with NetWare 3.11 or 3.12 and NetWare for Macintosh 3.0x and 3
.12. This version should replace the MAC.NAM v3.4 that ships with
NetWare 3.11. (Newest File Date: 04-05-94)
NAM401.ZIP 04-05-94 MAC.NAM for NetWare for Macintosh 4.01 - This MAC.NAM file should only
be used with NetWare 4.01 and NetWare for Macintosh 4.01. This version
should replace the MAC.NAM that ships with NetWare 4.01. (Newest File
Date: 04-05-94)
NAM500.ZIP 07-13-95 Namedir 5.00 07/0/10/95 Renames Directories. From Hyperware.
NAMCHG16.ZIP 08-11-92 Sybilware's NameChange door 1.5 NON-beta! Hottest Aliasing
NAMCLN20.ZIP 02-22-94 NAMCLEAN v.2.0 Feb 1994 by Jack Chandler A utility for
genealogists who use Personal Ancestral File (PAF), It will remove
unused names (occur when you delete records/correct mispellings) from
PAF's NAME2.DAT file. Also can be used to translate to/from state
postal abbreviations, add or remove "co" from county names, etc.
Includes other utilities to help you find and correct name problems.
NAMCLN22.ZIP 01-09-95 Namclean V.2.2 - Remove Unused Paf Names (1/95) Shareware by Jack
Chandler This is A Utility for Genealogists Who use Personal Ancestral
File (Paf). Will Remove Unused Names
NAME01.ARJ 12-19-13 Extracts name and makes it an envir variable
NAME100.ZIP 01-14-96 Namebase for Windows V1.00 - Name, Address, Notes, Phone Database
Program Which Uses A Microsoft Access Database
NAME200.ZIP 04-24-97 Namebase for Windows V2.00 Name/Address/Notes/Phone Database Program
With Powerful Features Yet Easy to Use. Sort on Any Field. Specify Any
Criteria to Limit Records Displayed. Edit Records on A Spreadsheet-like
NAME2NUM.ZIP 10-04-94 Rename File-name Extension to Number
NAME30.ZIP 02-17-92 NameBase v3.0 menu driven personal database
NAME32.ZIP 02-26-93 NAMEBASE v3.2 - An extremely easy to use program which keeps
track of names, 4 phone numbers, 2 addresses, and very long notes about
individuals or companies. Prints a pocket-size address book, labels,
rolodex cards, envelopes, and repo
NAME33.ZIP 07-01-96 Namebase for DOS V3.30 - DOS Name, Address, Phone Book. Mouse, Long
Notes, Dialer, Print Small Address Book. Quick Lookup! Windows Version
NAMEBA31.ARJ 12-19-13 NAMEBASE v3.1: Easy to use program which keeps track of names, 4 phone
numbers, 2 addresses,
NAMEBASE.ARJ 12-19-13 Nice Name, Address & Memo Database, Fast!
NAMECLIP.ZIP 05-03-93 Tse Named Clipboard System - for the Semware Editor - a Macro Systems.
NAMEFIX2.ZIP 10-31-92 Names.LST fix Program for Tag 2.6+ V2.0
NAMEGM10.ZIP 06-19-93 Name of the Game v1.0: MS-Windows card game that actually consists of a
series of card puzzles; 06/19/93; Toggle Booleans. (Newest File Date:
NAMELIST.ARJ 12-19-13 Name, address and phone number database with numerous features.
NAMES.ARJ 12-19-13 Names & Addresses Database, Autodialler, Labels printer. v9.3 Multi
file version with Docs.
NAMES95.ZIP 07-28-95 This rather simple little program lets you change the names of 3 of the
Desktop Objects, 'My Computer', 'Network Neighborhood', and 'The
Recycle Bin'. To run it all you do is run the "Names95" file from
either the command prompt or the Explorer. It will then allow you to
change these objects on your desktop. The changes will not be visible
until you restart the computer.
NAMEVALU.LZH 01-06-14 Calculate the numeric value of a name
NAMEZAP.ZIP 10-24-95 Namezap Version 1.0 by Patrick Harvey Rename Files or Directories With
Ease! Freeware!
NAME_PAL.LZH 01-06-14 Automatic Address Book.
NAMFL111.ZIP 04-28-95 Extracts A Filename From A Full Filepath
NAMNUM1B.ZIP 05-14-96 Name2num.Exe Version 1.0b Usenet News Groups Often Contain Multiple
Copys of the Same File With Different Names. Name2num Converts
Filenames to the Crc32 of the File Contents Multiple Copies
NANMAIL0.ZIP 05-30-93 Nanet Mail allows you to prepare and upload Nanet Conferen
NANNWS12.ZIP 07-17-87 Nantucket News v1n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS13.ZIP 07-17-87 Nantucket News v1n3, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS14.ZIP 07-22-87 Nantucket News v1n4, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS22.ZIP 12-08-87 Nantucket News v2n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS23.ZIP 03-14-88 Nantucket News v2n2, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS24.ZIP 05-18-88 Nantucket News v2n4. dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS31.ZIP 08-09-88 Nantucket News v3n1, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS33.ZIP 12-08-88 Nantucket News v3n3, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS34.ZIP 01-01-89 Nantucket News v3n4, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS35.ZIP 03-01-89 Nantucket News v3n5, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANNWS36.ZIP 05-01-89 Nantucket News v3n6, dBASE/Clipper source code
NANO100C.ZIP 12-18-94 NanoBBS v1.0c 100% Configurable BBS System!, Made in Canada
NANO101A.ZIP 01-23-95 Nanobbs 1.01a - the New BBS From Whirlwind Software! Many Features,
Incredible Flexibility and Configurability, Built in Dynamic Rip,
Scripting, Jam/Squish/ .Msg Bases, Qwk, X/Y/Y-g/Z/Sealink, Too Much
Stuff to List Here!
NANO114.ZIP 09-12-95 Nanobbs 1.14 by Whirlwind Software Internal Multi-user
NANOCORE.ZIP 10-12-95 Nanocore for Win 95/Nt. 3d Action/Arcade Game; an Unusual Vr
Tennis-like Game With Non-stop, Fast Action and Stunning Svga Graphics
NANSI.LZH 01-06-14 Nansi.sys - Optional replacement for Ansi.sys
NANSI33.ARJ 12-19-13 NANSI.SYS 3.3 - Enhanced MS-DOS Console Driver
NANSI987.LZH 01-06-14 ansi replacement - fast screen writes
Text Reading
NAP0792.ZIP 07-19-92 NAPLPS BBS LIST, July-1992 (Prodigy GUI BBSs)
NAPAPI10.ZIP 07-13-93 NAPLPS API v1.00; Now programmers interested in adding NAP
NAPART1.ZIP 03-20-93 Over 90 NAPLPS pictures, animation, etc.
NAPBBS.ZIP 06-16-93 This artwork was all created using CorelDraw, NAPWMF and MGE. Feel free
to use it for whatever you want. The ones that look like BBS screens
were just drawn as ideas. They are not being used on any BBS yet, but
you can use and adapt them if y
NAPFNTA.ZIP 06-10-93 Several typefaces as NAPLPS clipart
NAPICO11.ZIP 04-04-93 NAPICO version 1.1 will take a specially prepared NAPLPS d
NAPLPS.ZIP 04-04-93 Technical specifications for NAPLPS graphics protocol
NAPWMF08.ZIP 06-08-93 NAPWMF version 0.8 will take a Windows metafile created by CorelDraw
and convert it into NAPLPS format for use with online graphical BBS
systems. It has some features to reduce image file size. Includes
sample images.
NAPWMF09.ZIP 08-24-93 NAPWMF version 0.9 will take a Windows metafile created by CorelDraw
and convert it into NAPLPS format for use with online graphical BBS
systems. It has some features to reduce image file size. Includes
sample images.
NARAGO.ZIP 08-20-91 Info on the NARA
NARAINF.ZIP 05-07-94 Genetxt Text Files From the National Archives Gopher Site. Catalogs of
Microfilms &c.
NARC.ZIP 09-27-90 NARC Newsletters 1-7
NARC21.ZIP 12-29-13 Newest NARC
NARC_1.ZIP 03-31-93 N.A.R.C Newsletter Issue #1
NARC_10.ZIP 03-31-93 N.A.R.C Newsletter Issue #10
NARC_2.ZIP 03-31-93 N.A.R.C Newsletter Issue #2
NARC_3.ZIP 03-31-93 N.A.R.C Newsletter Issue #3